Do you love reading great books? Are you especially drawn to reading books that will inspire you and empower you? What about having conversations online with others who are reading these books, too?  Does participating in an online book club like this sound interesting to you? GOOD!

I have great news for all of the souls who have ever so patiently inquired about the status of the book club that I announced.

Yes! Yes! Yes! The book club will be active and much more interactive!

After reflecting as to how best to utilize technology for the book club going forward it became clear to me that we need to have a home base as well as a viable structure and a plan. I decided to dedicate the Living In Spiritual Perspective blog (here) to serve as the home base for the book club. This way anyone can come here to see the book of the month, see the questions I’ve posed for consideration, comment and also review the thoughts and comments of others.

Now that I’m  more familiar with the blog platform as well as the new facebook and twitter, this seems like the best plan. We can still use facebook to and twitter to continue the conversations that start here. We may even have scheduled LIVE tweetups and facebook discussions if that’s what you’d like. I figured it best to start with the basic structure and plan that is workable. We can always add on more if/as we’re inspired. Being that I AM a twitterhead, I will certainly be tweeting using #HTCBookClub throughout the month. You all can, too.

How does that sound? I  do not want to make any assumptions as to what you all like and want. That being said, please take a moment to share your thoughts in the comments. Are you interested in following along each month for a book recommendation and then commenting here with the online community? Would you be interested in having LIVE scheduled tweetups and/or facebook discussions? Do you even use facebook? If so, would you join a facebook group for HTCBookClub  and engage in dialogue there? Do you tweet and/or prefer to have a scheduled tweetup each month using #HTCBookClub? Holler! 


What do I know?


Blessed Day BE~LOVED Ones! This morning I am inspired to share what is pouring from my heart. Even though I had already begun another post, which apparently will be shared another day, perhaps these particular words of inspiration will better serve you today. What do I know?

I KNOW that there is a Presence, Power and Wisdom in this Universe that is greater than me and yet also surrounds me and emanates from deep within me at the very same time.  I know that this Presence, this Power, this Wisdom is always acting for the greatest possible good for all, everywhere. I know that no matter how things may appear to be at times, even then this Presence, this Power, this Wisdom is operating for good in my life and for everyone. I know that this Presence, this Power, this Wisdom perfects and protects ALL that concerns me at ALL times!

Change is GOOD

I know that change is constantly in progress 24/7, and not even one day goes by when this Presence, this Power, this Wisdom isn’t working to change me for the better so that I can be a better vessel in service of humanity. I know that the circumstances in my life are opportunities for growth, pregnant with possibility for me to know more about God’s awesome Presence, Power and Wisdom. I know that to know more God, means to know more about God’s Presence, Power and Wisdom in, as, for and through me, too.

I know that revelation happens every single day, if I am open to receive it. I know that morning meditation keeps the door open for more revelation to come to and through me. I know that all change happens from the inside out; therefore, I choose to be still each and every day in silence so that the inner transformation can take place and lead me throughout the day. I know that my life is a living prayer; therefore, I am mindful of my thoughts, my words and my deeds. I know that all change is ultimately for good.  I know that by God, all crooked ways are always made straight.

I AM Holy, Perfect and Divine!

I know that while the world view may tell me otherwise, I AM Holy, Perfect and Divine! I know that my Divine Spark is actually a powerful, blazing, fiery flame capable of lighting up this entire world, blessing, healing and prospering everyone! I know that there is no person, place, thing or condition that can move me from my Altar of Eternal Peace, my constant communion with God, my inner sanctum or my ever-expanding realization of the radiant Divine Light of God that is me! I AM (the God Presence) that I AM!

Healing Truth Center Heals, blesses and prospers souls!

I know that Healing Truth Center is a ministry powered by God Almighty! I know that the Light, Love, Power and Wisdom of God radiating from Healing Truth Center activities heals, blesses and prospers souls worldwide! I know that the Healing Truth Center vision of spiritual freedom and mission of spiritual healing and empowerment are much greater than me, hence I must rise to the occasion of this calling and do my part in full faith and obedience. I know this ministry is valuable and worthy of support. I know that the souls who are inspired by Healing Truth Center will show their appreciation today and every day.  I know there are sponsors who believe in this mission and want to support Healing Truth Center activities.

No one is meant to strain or struggle!

I know that no soul is meant to ever strain or struggle in this world. I know that with God, by God and  for God,  all is well, easy and blessed. I know I AM blessed! I know I AM well! I know I AM Victorious over ALL circumstances and situations! I know I AM radiant with the Light, Life and Love of God! I know God is working in, as, for and through me! I know God’s awesome Power! I know God’s awesome Presence! I know God’s awesome Wisdom! I know God perfects ALL that concerns me! I know I AM protected by God! I know God is my Source! I know God always provides for me in wonderful ways! I know God sustains me! I know God! I know God! I know God! I know God never fails and neither does God as me! And so it is! Amen!

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SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual Leader, psychotherapist and author. She hosts the Living in Spiritual Perspective Show at and provides consultations to empower others to their greatest potential.

Born to Write?


With all of the ideas and visions that pop into my head and the sincere inspiration that comes over me to share them, I suspect that I was born to write. The more I write, the more ideas come pouring forth, too! It’s as if Holy Spirit is waiting for me to get the words out first to give me more to share. Reading Do You by Russell Simmons yesterday and the stream of tweets by Kevin Powell about writing got me to thinking about how we (okay me and possibly you, too) can get in our own way.

The first money I ever “made” was in 3rd grade when I was living in Cali. I was so inspired by my Grandma Marie that when my teacher asked my class to write about our hero, I hit the page talking about what an amazing and loving woman Grandma Marie is. I don’t remember there even being a “contest” per ce but my teacher loved what I wrote and got choked up when she read it.  Next thing I know there was a ceremony at my school when I read it out loud and got a $50 savings bond (still in my drawer as I type.) Grandma Marie got teary eyed, too, and hugged me like she’d never hugged me before when she read it. And this is a woman who gave some great hugs! For years that first paper of mine has been hanging in her room.

That day I remember Grandma Marie told me to never forget that I can do anything and be anything I want to be in this world, even a “world famous writer.” She suggested that maybe I’d write books one day. She has actually said that first part about me being able to do anything and be anything hundreds of times. I love that she has that faith for me, my brothers and sisters and actually EVERYONE. That conviction and belief that she has for everyone is what I felt the instant I met her at 7 years old and that’s what inspired me to write about her. Meeting her, anyone and everyone just feels love. (I may have to write a chapter or two about her in one of my books.)

You’d think that I would have taken that word of prophecy about being a writer as gospel and went for it, right? Nope. There was not one teacher who didn’t tell me I was a great writer. I still have my high school papers that even I thought were phenomenal. When the Voice of God literally radiated throughout my entire body back in ’03 and showed me some of the books I’d write… I still sat on my hands.

Just about every time I sat quietly I’d hear words that were advice for me and others, inspirational messages to share with the world or concepts for the books I am to write. I can be honest with all of you because this is our sacred space and you’re reading this by Divine appointment… I’ve been scared. I have come to understand that underneath the fear of failure is really a fear of success. Shyness is not only a fear of rejection but a fear of one’s full glorious radiant expression.

So while the Living In Spiritual Perspective blog is to inspire all of the souls who are drawn to it, the Keepers of The Flame, it is also my opportunity to express all that Holy Spirit reveals to me without any fear or hold outs whatsoever. Sometimes I’ll have great lessons for you, sometimes I’ll share stories and always I’ll share what is pouring from my heart.

Truth be told, I’m not sure that I’m a great writer as much as I’m inspired to express what comes from the depths of my soul. I often teach about the Word made manifest as the spoken word, the written word and the living word.  That’s my growing edge as well as my mission: to speak, write and live the Word of God as Good. (FYI, to spread the gospel is to spread the good news.)

BE~LOVED Ones, let there be no holdouts (not a single one) in expressing ALL of you. Share your talents, gifts, ideas… ALL of you without reservation. Whatever dreams you’ve put aside, talked yourself out of or ignored… perhaps today you’ll own them. Consider the possibility that your inspiration is from Holy Spirit and your next level of expression is being revealed to you for fulfillment. If it’s by G.O.D. then it’s gotta be good! So go for it! (See 10 Commandments of Success in order to remember that you absolutely cannot fail!)

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Faithfully yours and with lots of L.O.V.E.,

SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual Leader, psychotherapist and author. She hosts the Living in Spiritual Perspective Show at and provides consultations to empower others to their greatest potential.

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The dawn of a new day is something kind of wonderful. It’s a starting point, pregnant with possibilities. I pray that everyone reading these words today can breath in the realization of this wonderful opportunity of a new day.

Because we live in an eternal now, right now everything great and amazing is happening. Dreams are coming true right here and right now. Ideas are being born and fulfilled… pressing out into our visible reality right now. Our prayers, our deepest desires and expectations are coming to life right now.

The smile that spontaneously took form and the joy that is now welling up from inside of you as you realize that all this Good God-stuff is happening right now is the mental and emotional acknowledgement that creates the fertile soil necessary for our blessings to come forth unhindered.

Can you let that joy radiate all day today BE~LOVED? Can you rise in confidence that God IS working AS you? Can you let the power of the entire Universe operate in, as and through you unhindered by hesitation, doubt, intellectualizing or fear? Can you be absolutely ecstatic about your life and everything good that IS happening within you and around you right now? Please do let Divine Inspiration lead you today, and every day. For a boost, check out The 10 Commandments of Success.

If you really want to power up today, join me for my LIVE show today at 10AM Eastern at I am actually bursting with excitement as Holy Spirit has been flooding me with energy and insights to share with you for the Prayer Power show today. Join me to receive a fresh new dose of inspiration to live your life with Spiritual Swagger™.

See you at!

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SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual Leader, psychotherapist and author. She hosts the Living in Spiritual Perspective Show at and provides consultations to empower others to their greatest potential.

Copyright 2011 Healing Truth Center. All rights reserved.

Blessed Morning BE~LOVED Ones! As you already know, in choosing to be obedient each day wonderful ideas come to mind and I am honored to share them with all of you who read my blog. Lately I have indeed been blogging everyday since my declaration in May: The Month of Change.  Following are the ideas that came forth for me to share today. Enjoy!

The 10 Commandments of Success

1. Be not afraid of success for you are simply honoring the mission, vision and gifts bestowed upon you by our Creator.

2. Realize that you are indeed created for the glory of God, to succeed in ALL that you set your mind, heart and hand to be and to do in this world.

3. Remember that all of your good intentions to serve the greater good, include YOUR greater good and are powered by G.O.D. (Good Opulent Design™).  And GOD is ALL-Powerful!

4. You are so very worthy and you are most deserving of absolutely amazing, awe-inspiring, tremendous success! (Can I get an amen?)

5. There are simply no reasons ever and no excuses whatsoever for you not to succeed! NONE! NADA! Zero! Zilch! (Okay, you get my point.)

6. KNOW that what G.O.D. (Good Opulent Design™) has for you is already written, blessed and destined for success! (What are YOU waiting for? Another sign?)

7. Success requires you to always stay on your growing edge and embrace the changes necessary to always be your good, better, best and blessed you AT ALL TIMES!

8. Success is the naturally unfolding continual out-picturing process – the result of living on purpose and in full faith that God is ALWAYS working in, as and through you for the greatest possible good. Often our purpose is greater that we can conceive possible in a single lifetime.

9. Growth and success require shifts in our conceptions of what is possible in, as, for and by God AS us, individually AND collectively. Collectively we are greater than we are individually. Peer-support, teamwork, the collective… are power tools utilized effectively by all who are committed to success as a way of being.

10. Every single success is a success for us all. Success begets success! 😉

BE~LOVED Ones, there is a revolution at hand. WE are literally changing this entire world every single second of our lives with our thoughts, our expectations, our actions to live on purpose. I’ve said this before and I will say it again: following status quo requires zero thought. Provoking thought, original thought and shifting paradigms demand brilliance! I double-dare you: join me as we blaze our Divine Light ever so brightly and light up this entire Universe!

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SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual Leader, psychotherapist and author. She hosts the Living in Spiritual Perspective Show at and provides consultations to empower others to their greatest potential.

Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.

Are you working a job that underutilizes your potential or does not express your passion, drive, ability and deepest understanding of your life purpose?

Do your finances allow you to enjoy the level of lifestyle and freedom that you desire?

Do your relationships accurately reflect your capacity to love and be loved?

Does your current station in life reflect your greatest potential?

It seems natural that at different stages in our lives we may experience varied levels of alignment with our potential. This is often the case in our careers. Much of our career path is one of evolution. Our entry into the workforce is usually a small step in the direction towards expressing our potential. Over time we grow within our talents and abilities naturally unfolding transitions in our career. The driving force that propels us forward is the innate desire to fulfill our potential. This process unfolds in our levels of relationships, monetary success, lifestyle, spiritual understanding and health, too. We are constantly growing in our levels of expressing our potential. So how do we manage “in the meantime?” How do we maximize every moment of the journey of unfolding our greatest potential (be it marriage, career success, financial freedom, health and spiritual enlightenment?)

1. Enjoy the step and stage where you are for what it is: a part of the process. Wherever you are on the journey, know that your current position has great value to the overall process. There is good in this moment, in this position just as the third grade experience prepared you for the fourth, fifth and sixth grades in your education process.

2. Maximize this moment by fully offering your talents, skills and attention to the tasks at hand. Do not let this moment pass you by without giving your all to everything you set your hand to do or to be. Utilize the capacity of your talents within the context of your current circumstances. If you are not employed, then you have an increased capacity to invest in your career development. If you are single and seeking a relationship, you have the opportunity to focus your attention upon how you love yourself and others within your existing relationships.

3. Continue to cultivate a sense of expectation around your next level of experience. Remember, where you are now is not a hindrance to unfolding your vision. It is part of the process. There is no reason you cannot tune in to your desires. No one is stopping you from being prayerful and positively expecting a greater unfolding of your vision and life path.

4. Take steps towards bringing your next level of manifestation by connecting with others at higher levels of experience (career, monetary, relational, spiritual, etc.) gathering knowledge and skills around this higher level of experience, and actually proceed with a level of effort in that direction. A nurse who wants to become an author can join a writers group, seek out a writing coach or mentor and start a blog. An individual seeking a marriage relationship can read books and articles about relationships, increase their exposure to couples with successful relationships and engage in a process of self-reflection (on their own or with a psychotherapist) about their thoughts and experiences in relationships. By doing this they increase their ability to understand their relational dynamics. Similarly, someone seeking financial freedom can study and learn about money, credit, and models of financial success.

Beloved, wherever you are in your process of expressing your greatest potential, know that Divine Order is at hand. God is working and there is more good yet to come.

Shawna Marie
Author, Prosperity NOW!

Shawna Marie is an ordained minister and psychotherapist who provides inspiration, education and healing at

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