Make Time For Love


I call ALL of you BE~LOVED for a reason! You are created in Love, by Love, for Love!

With all of the names and greetings floating around “BE~LOVED” just cuts right to the core of the matter. Ideally these words together BE~ LOVED strikes the key-note of your soul, setting off an affirmative: Yes! Absolutely! I AM BE~LOVED! I AM ALWAYS BE~LOVED! (Nice, right?)

And while you are vibing, realizing and expressing love you are correspondingly receiving LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Physical love, emotional love, financial love, spiritual love, sexual love (and add to this list if you are so inspired)… all forms of love are coming to you in equal measure as you allow yourself to BE love.

I’m encouraging all of you to make time for love. Make time in your day to contemplate all of the love that you are, have, give and receive. It’s a great exercise to start and end each day. You can go even further by dedicating time, energy and funds to your personal development around love and relationships.

1. Read and re-read The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz.

2. Read the Healing Truth Center Book Club Selection for August: The Seven Levels of Intimacy by Matthew Kelly. (I’m reading this with all of you and will post thoughts on twitter using #HTCBookClub. I’ll also post here on the Living in Spiritual Perspective Blog about it, too.)

3. Take my Love NOW! Course which includes four (4) private individual consultations with me, focused on healing and empowering you around love and relationships. For information and registration go to Act quickly because I’m offering the course with a special low price of $599 (a savings of more than $400) until August 15th.

As you can see, I’m back after my little Summer transformation time. Lots of wonderful things have been unfolding including my new blog: Journey of An Urban Mystic, a magazine placement (my first), a video feature (Transcending Faith) and plenty more. God IS working dear hearts, for me and for you, too!

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Always shine your Light!

Love ya!


SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual leader, psychotherapist and author. She provides consultations, courses and speaking engagements integrating spirituality and mental health. Be inspired and connect with her at


Pictured (L-R) Shawn Young, Erich Williams, Shawna Marie, Shawn Blanchard, Jarell "DJ CEO" Greene, Chris "Kazi" Rolle, Eyan Edwards, Shanel Cooper-Sykes, Eternal Bakr & Anthony "Tmor" Morris

I wrote How can a single woman stay positive about her potential to experience true lasting love? just a few hours after the incredibly inspiring event: Straight Talk No Chaser Part 2. This Together Apart event produced by Chris “Kazi” Rolle served as a follow-up to the original Straight Talk No Chaser event held back in February. Both events were  very powerful. As you read further, you’ll understand why Together Apart is one of my absolute favorite projects.

As background, Together Apart is a premiere relationship academy providing innovative events and products to enrich relationships. The LIVE CONVO events are a safe space for men and women to engage in open and honest conversation to support and promote healthy relationships. While some components are core to the event: 1 theme, 2 hosts (male and female), 3 or more experts and 4 rounds of conversation… every LIVE CONVO is unique.

Straight Talk No Chaser features a panel of men engaging an exclusively female audience about what is on the hearts and minds of men. Author, life coach and motivational speaker Shanel Cooper Sykes guided the convo and I served as in-house therapist. The men, who were all certainly very self-aware, introspective and evolved were: Anthony ‘Tmor’ Morris, Shawn Young, Erich Williams, Jarell ‘DJ CEO’ Greene, Shawn Blanchard, Eyan Edwards and Eternal Bakr. Sponsors for the night included Nefra Dabney ( and Single Black Male (

While I couldn’t possibly share everything that was revealed during the night (which is why you’ll want to scoop the DVD when it’s available), a couple of things stood out for me.

  1. The best way to effectively communicate with a man is honestly, respectfully (according to the rules of engagement you’ve agreed upon), as a friend (not a mother), asking clarifying questions (instead of assuming) and by listening carefully (before formulating your response.)
  2. Some of the key factors that cause men to lie are fear, the desire to avoid being judged and the fact that they’ve been conditioned to lie from early childhood. That being said, women would do well to both practice and encourage honesty. It serves us well to create conditions under which men feel comfortable telling the truth. One of the men put it like this: Men are honest when they have a reason to be honest. Hmmm….
  3. Men (at least these ones) do want to experience a truly loving committed relationship. They want to be accepted, understood, known, loved and appreciated. They want a best friend who’s their “match” and they don’t want to be pressured, chased or forced. They even have visions as to what they’d like their weddings to be like!

All of the men on the panel shared tremendously. Each were quotable in their own right. In an effort to actually write a blog post instead of a novella I will simply quote Erich Williams who said, “There is no greater strain on relationship than infidelity, but no greater proof of love than a relationship that survives it.”

Yeah, Straight Talk No Chaser was that deep!

My advice to the ladies in the room was to 1) relax and just be yourself, 2) take time to get to know him and let him get to know you… honestly and authentically over time, and 3)  make a commitment to continuously improve your communication skills, both listening and speaking. As an added bonus to all of the souls who follow my blog, I will also say that our greatest opportunity lies in our ability be authentic and cultivate honesty at all times.

For individual counseling and support specifically focused on love and relationships check out my special offer: LOVE NOW! (Expires 8/15/11.)

For more information about Together Apart visit

I look forward to seeing you  for my next LIVE show 8.1.11 @ 8PM Eastern at

Let your Light shine!


SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual leader, psychotherapist and author. She provides consultations, courses and speaking engagements integrating spirituality and mental health. Be inspired and connect with her at

If you are a single woman seeking, praying and hoping to enjoy a wonderful loving relationship, this one is for you! At this point in your life it is likely that you have experienced at least one heartbreak, have heard about the ratio of men to women being stacked against you and notice that in this particular moment, as beautiful and amazing as you are, you are indeed single.

Being single can be an absolutely amazing experience

First, I will say this. No matter what anyone else may tell you or project upon you about your status as a single woman, being single, in and of itself is neither good nor bad. It is simply an experience. What you believe about it will determine its value and its purpose in your life. If you so choose, being single can be an absolutely amazing experience that precedes an absolutely amazing loving relationship and marriage, too.

I love meeting women who are able to see the blessing in their single status. Being a single woman myself, I trust wholeheartedly in a Divine Plan that is constantly working out for my good. I also know that as my soul develops, over the course of my life I will be blessed with a variety of experiences that sharpen the stone of the diamond shining light of God that I AM.

Being single is preparation for partnership.

As a single woman I have the unique opportunity to channel most of my energies on my relationship with God, living my life’s purpose and learning to show up 1000% authentically at all times, in all relationships. As I master my Godness as a single woman I am being prepared to do so with a partner perfectly designed to walk with me on this journey of life. Learning to see, be and love myself to the fullest allows me to see, accept and love another who is doing the same – constantly becoming the absolute best version of themselves that they can possibly be, just like I AM!

True lasting love is your destiny!

So, how can a single woman stay positive about her potential to experience true, lasting love? I believe that we do what we have a good reason to do. Cultivating a positive, worry-free, non-anxious level of expectancy that a true lasting loving relationship is both possible and inevitable is exactly what corresponds to this actual experience. If you do want the experience of true lasting love, you’ve got to expect that it is your destiny!

What have you found to be helpful in remaining positive, keeping the faith that your Divine Loving relationship is indeed happening right now, by God’s own hand? Are there particular prayers or mantras that you use? We all know that anxiety around relationships only push them away. How are you able to stop yourself from getting anxious, worried or frustrated about your single status? For those of you in relationships now, what was helpful for you? Do share!

God as you is LOVE!


SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual leader, psychotherapist and author. She provides consultations, courses and speaking engagements integrating spirituality and mental health. Be inspired and connect with her at

Blessings BE~LOVED Ones! I’ve got some great news!

You all know how so very much I believe in continual evolution, growth and freedom. You may also remember from my last Living In Spiritual Perspective Show (on ShawnaMarieTV), entitled “Embracing Change” I talked about the process of surrendering to the fulfillment of our prayers. Change is not merely in the mind, but also in word and deed. While change may begin within, in the invisible, it is also witnessed in the visible form.

It’s no secret that I have been rather quiet lately, perhaps even under the radar compared to my usual level of output,  visibility and excitement. As a reader of the Living In Spiritual Perspective Blog, you know that I get my Power In Silence. So when I’m quiet, just wait for it…. Holy Spirit is birthing something within me and it’s going to be good!

While I love this blog and greatly enjoy providing inspirational messages, articles and novellas, too (lol), I hold back in the fullness of my expression here. My soul has been screaming for an outlet to just go full throttle! And I simply cannot be bound!

So… BLAZE has a new blog!!!!

I just set it up yesterday!

I would love for you to check it out and subscribe if ya dare!

While I’ve dabbled with writing unbounded on this blog, it is probably safe to say that the Living in Spiritual Perspective Blog is G-rated.  My new blog, is not. Nope, not at all. It may possibly pass for PG-13, but trust me, it’s for mature audiences only.

Now that you’ve been fully warned, feel free to explore the world of

I will indeed continue to provide inspirational posts and articles to support overall well-being right here on the Living In Spiritual Perspective Blog for Healing Truth Center. I will ALSO have MY personal blog where I can let loose and freely share ALL that I AM, unfiltered, un-repressed and unbounded!

God as you is LOVE!


SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual leader, psychotherapist and author. She provides consultations, courses and speaking engagements integrating spirituality and mental health. Be inspired and connect with her at

Skin Deep


Shawna Marie, Chris "Kazi" Rolle and Jenelle SimoneCall me Pollyanna but I do believe that every single soul is beautiful in their own way. Recently I had the pleasure of participating in Chris “Kazi” Rolle’s Together Apart LIVE Convo: Skin Deep. The event featured a panel of experts in beauty, fashion, health, fitness and grooming. Co-hosting the event with Kazi was model, actress and media personality Jenelle Simone.

Panelists for the evening included celebrity make-up artist Andrea Fairweather-Bailey, health and wellness expert Supanova Slom, fashion designer Nefra Dabney, fitness expert Reggie Lamptey, celebrity hair stylist Ursula Stephen, and celebrity groomer Gee DaBarber. As usual I served as the in-house therapist. The intention was to discuss our preferences and perceptions around beauty, the impact of both in our dating relationships and how to look our best from a healthy place.

By definition beauty is a quality that evokes a feeling of deep satisfaction in another. It’s natural, individual and intuitive. However, our natural inclinations and perceptions may be overridden by conditioning from our circles of influence (family, peers and media). Our perceptions of self and others are colored by layers of complexity within the context of deeply rooted historical racism, remnants of slavery and modern day white privilege. We also may receive mixed messages within our circles of influence.

We did unpack some of this at the event. Having been called everything from gorgeous to ugly, too light, too dark, too skinny, too tall and white-looking… I know the work that I have done and continue to do to develop a positive perception of myself. As a therapist, there’s no shortage of clients both male and female who’ve shared with me their struggles around looks, self-esteem, dating, loving and being loved. For these reasons I was inspired to offer an intensive individual course, Love NOW!, specifically focused on developing self-love and the capacity to both attract and maintain a mutually satisfying love relationship.

While my wish is that every single soul on this earth realizes their beauty and never suffers from the negative perceptions or comments of others, I know that this type of healing will take time and effort. I applaud Kazi for kicking off yet another provocative and important convo. I also encourage all of you to invest time and energy into regularly evaluating your perceptions. What you believe about yourself and your looks plays a role in your ability to attract and maintain healthy relationships. There’s also the fact that what you believe will influence your partners, peers and also your children.

Since the goal is to live from a healthy place, free from negative and distorted perceptions of self or of others, perhaps you’ll find these questions helpful.

1. What do you consider to be “good looking,” beautiful and handsome?

2. Do you consider yourself to be beautiful/handsome, average attractive, just okay or unattractive?

3. Would you say that you have “good hair”, “okay hair” or “bad hair?”

4. Is your shape perfect, okay or less than ideal?

5. What do you love about your skin tone/shade?

6. How did you come to believe this about yourself?

7. What experiences have you had about your skin tone/shade? Were the messages you received primarily positive or negative?

8. Which areas could you have been abused or received negative messages with your hair, body and skin color?

9. What if anything would you change about yourself if you could? Why?

10. How do/can you regularly encourage a positive self-image?

For additional support, consider taking my Love NOW! course this summer. It’s a great way to get focused individualized support and education to uncover/unlearn distorted harmful beliefs about yourself, heal from relationship heartache, empower yourself in relationships and revitalize your love life!

Love ya!


SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual leader, psychotherapist and author. She provides consultations, courses and speaking engagements integrating spirituality and mental health. Be inspired and connect with her at

At a time when the common daily conversation was about poverty, I decided to initiate a daily conversation about prosperity.  It was just that simple.  Besides the fact that turning on the news, going to the mental health center where I worked as a medical social worker and psychotherapist, and answering the Healing Truth Center prayer  request phone line  I was inundated with reports of financial hardship, my very own financial picture started to take a turn.  During the times I’d dedicated to daily prayer, the list of souls and situations on my prayer list kept getting longer and longer. It seemed like I was constantly called to remind myself of God’s awesome power to bless and prosper me and everyone in the world.

First I began sending an email every morning with a positive word to keep souls in good spirits and optimistic about the potential for their abundant good (and me, too.) Following my daily prayer and meditation time each morning I’d jump on my laptop and post a message and end with Prosperity NOW!” It probably got me just as pumped up as I’d hoped it got everyone else, if not more. I would leave the house with a big fat smile on my face, optimistic and ready to both give and receive abundant blessings.

Within a couple of days I had so many ideas in my mind that I would have to spend some time deciding which one of the 10 or 20 ideas I would post. By the end of that first week I had thought it would be good to write down the ideas that were dancing around in my head so I would remember them for the posts in the coming days. But once I got to writing, more ideas kept pouring into my mind and then onto my notebook. A total of one hundred and fifty ideas were revealed to me. Some of the ideas were about financial well-being, others were about love of self, a Higher Power, life and realizing healthy relationships. There were ideas about spiritual growth, health, as well as mental and emotional wellness.

As I read these ideas in their entirety I felt GOOD! I felt encouraged. I was excited about life in general and my life in specific! I felt inspired and confident in God’s awesome power healing, blessing and prospering this entire world!  I kept reading them over and over and over again! Every time I read them through I was even more amped than the previous time. “Now what?” I asked myself, taking a pause from flooding my mind with these inspiring ideas. Then the images began to flash into my mind as to the look and feel of the book that would contain these ideas.

The ideas contained in Prosperity NOW! are just as much for me as they are for every soul who is inspired by them. Media, marketing and mental health professionals can all attest to the power of suggestion when ideas are repeatedly presented. Given all of the ideas traversing the universe on a daily basis that do not serve to uplift, inspire or empower us, I remain dedicated to spreading ideas of abundant good fortune in all aspects of life. More than money (and yet including money), prosperity is about overall well-being. Prosperity NOW! as a phrase, a book, an audio book and a movement reminds us that we deserve abundant good in our health, career, relationships, finances and spirituality.

If you are feeling sad, unloved, confused, worried or stressed about anything at all, check out the new Prosperity NOW! audio book. You will remember that you are love, destined for greatness, and inseparable from God’s awesome Presence, Power and Wisdom in, as and through you. If you are ready to grow into a greater level of satisfaction in your life, definitely start your day with Prosperity NOW! Download the MP3 or buy the gift book and then bath your soul with these inspiring ideas every day. Even if every single aspect of your life is on point, the Prosperity NOW! ideas will help you remember all you deserve to be and receive in this glorious life of yours.

Love ya!

SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual leader, psychotherapist and author. She provides consultations, courses and speaking engagements integrating spirituality and mental health. Be inspired and connect with her at

Reading scripture can be tremendously empowering. At the same time, I often translate the words that are written so they are applicable to me and embody my understanding of God. Given that God is Creator, Source, Universal energy, Holy Spirit, Law and more, there’s an exclusive use of the masculine pronouns (he, He and Him) throughout scripture, and the word man, although meaning humanity, creates a standard basis of male/maleness, and not female/femaleness… I have taken the liberty to share a version of the 91st Psalm that I created in honor of The Divine S.H.E. (Spiritual Healing Energy.)

Take a read and let me know how it feels to you. Ladies, I especially want to hear about your experience with this version of this wonderful psalm of protection.


1 She that dwells in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the protection of the Almighty.
2 I will say of the LAW, S.H.E. is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in S.H.E. will I trust.
3 Surely GOD shall deliver ME from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.
4 S.H.E. shall cover ME with HER feathers, and under HER wings shall I trust: HER truth shall be MY shield and buckler.
5 I SHALL not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flies by day;
6 Nor for the pestilence that walks in darkness; nor for the destruction that wastes at noonday.
7 A thousand shall fall at MY side, and ten thousand at MY right hand; but it shall not come near ME.
8 Only with MINE eyes SHALL I behold and see the reward of those who choose to serve as vessels for negativity.
9 Because I HAVE made the LAW, which is my refuge, even the most High, MY habitation;
10 There shall no evil befall ME, neither shall any negativity or drama come near MY dwelling.
11 For S.H.E. shall give HER angels charge over ME, to keep ME in all MY ways.
12 They shall bear ME up in their hands, lest I dash MY foot against a stone.
13 I SHALL tread upon the lion and viper: the young lion and the dragon shall I trample under feet.
14 Because S.H.E. has set HER love upon me, therefore will I deliver HER: I will set HER on high, because S.H.E. has known my name.
15 S.H.E. shall call upon me, and I will answer HER: I will be with HER in trouble; I will deliver HER, and honor HER.
16 With long life will I satisfy HER, and show HER my salvation.

As always, I honor and recognize God as you as a blessing in this world. May your every day and week be full of love, health, wealth, happiness and success. May you always know that God as you is destined for greatness and that you are becoming more of all that God created you to be each day. The blessings of Holy Spirit are upon you. You can NEVER escape the love of God, nor the Hand of God in action in your life. I love you. I bless you. I invite you to explore the resources available to you at and to connect with me.

I look forward to reading your comments.


SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual leader, psychotherapist and author. She provides consultations, courses and speaking engagements integrating spirituality and mental health. Be inspired and connect with her at

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