Hi! My name is Shawna Marie.  I AM a lover of life, people, music and books. I AM also an author,  psychotherapist and minister. I create opportunities where everyone can be inspired, heal ALL aspects of their lives, enhance their spiritual discovery and connect with others. I invite you to be inspired and empowered at HealingTruthCenter.com

Living In Spiritual Perspective
I only know how to live in spiritual perspective. There is no other way for me to be or to live. This blog, my Journey of An Urban Mystic Blog and my WebTV show are all aspects of me living in spiritual perspective. Book lover that I AM, I utilize this blog as home to my online book club. Each month I feature a book and invite you to join in conversation about it.

Prosperity NOW!
I was inspired to bring my first book to life, Prosperity NOW! in answer to a prayer for financial freedom for me and everyone in the world. I believe that our prayers can change the economy and more.  Prosperity NOW! is a call to action for prayer partners to join in the affirmation of abundant good in every aspect of our lives and  transformation of the economy. Join the Prosperity NOW! Movement! Get your copy of the Prosperity NOW! book.

Only GOD
My second book, Only GOD is a much more personal book. In it I share about my experiences searching for an understanding of God, life, spirituality and prayer. I also share a collection of inspirational messages that were written from 2006 – 2011. If you have ever had questions about life, God, spirituality or prayer, you’ll want to read Only GOD.
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