Only God by Shawna Marie


It’s April, and I’ve picked a phenomenal NEW book for us to read together this month! Yep! This one is by a young female author versed in spiritual principles and practices across New Thought, Metaphysical and Eastern perspectives. It’s actually a collection of inspirational messages that she wrote from 2006 to 2011. As she shares glimpses of her life story, this author also takes readers on a journey of spiritual growth and understanding with the goal of encouraging encouraging each reader to consider exactly what it is that they believe about God, Life and Spirituality for themselves.

There has been so much said and taught about God. At the same time, many souls have questions, rightfully so, in order to develop an understanding about God for themselves.  If you have ever had questions about God, life and/or spirituality, this book is for you!

Join me as I read again, this wonderful book that has come through me. 😉

Some questions to consider are:

How did you come to your current understanding about God?

What are your thoughts about the idea of “Only God” meaning that everyone and everything, everywhere is an aspect of God – omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent?

Is it possible that the teachings about and popular practice of attributing trials and tests to a so-called “devil” is born out of a psychological construct that was introduced to instill fear and promote a belief in duality (good and evil as well as separation from God?)

Share your thoughts in the comments! Let’s get a dialogue going here.

I look forward to hearing what you choose to share…


P.S. If you click on the picture you’ll go over to to purchase the book.  If you want an autographed copy just look for Healing Truth Center as one of the sellers.


4 Responses to “Only God by Shawna Marie”

  1. rabbielimallon Says:

    Early in the Talmud, we’re told to thank G-d for both the “good” and the “bad” that happens. For the “good,” we thank G-d in a blessing that ends in “…Who is Good and is doing Good.” For the “bad,” the blessing ends in “…the True Judge.” But later in the Talmud, we’re told: “In the future, we’ll only say the blessing “…Who is Good and does good,” because we’ll see that all that happens has been and is for the good. A Hasidic rebbe, Rabbi Nachman of Breslav, wrote that seeing all that happens as for the good is a “foretaste” of the “World-to-Come” — which can mean Heaven, but can also mean the coming time of perfection in this world.

    • SHAWNA MARIE Says:

      BE~LOVED Rabbi, this is very powerful: “because we’ll see that all that happens has been and is for the good” and “a foretaste of the world-to-come…” Thank you for expanding on the concepts of evolution from duality to ALL Good/G-d.

  2. Ruby Says:

    This is actually the first book club selection that I have actually started to read! (a shame but true)…Anyhoos…loving it so far. I’m just in the begining chapters but already found some wisdom to take with me.

    • SHAWNA MARIE Says:

      Ruby!!! You KNOW you’re ALWAYS on time and in the right place! I’ll extend that to say that you are reading the right book at the right time. 😉 Yaay! Glad you’re reading along with the crew.

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