Leave Your Nets by Joel S. Goldsmith


With March being the month of turnaround, when we consciously tap into the power of the trinity for maximum transformation, I decided to go with Leave Your Nets by Joel S. Goldsmith for the March Book Club selection. I LOVE this book and just about everything by Goldsmith. He’s one of the great spiritual teachers and healers of the 20th Century. Some of the great spiritual teachers of the 1900s shared ideas and taught concepts, but did not actually apply them.

Meaning, they wrote x number of books, gave workshops and spoke all over the world but did not directly practice spiritual healing. Joel is one of the greats who did both. He wrote and taught about healing, he also served for many years as a spiritual healer. He was most certainly a mystic in that his direct connection with God inspired the living faith that he embodied. I love how in his autobiography he talks about not knowing what he would say before a talk, multi-day retreat or radio program only to begin to receive the words in the moment LIVE… like as he touched the microphone! We have that in common plus he gets extra love because, well, he was a New Yorker, just like me!

I’m not quite sure how many of you got it poppin’ with Autobiography of A Yogi last month… as literally not one single soul commented on that post. There was a couple who reached out to me by email to let me know that they were going to re-read it as well, but that was it. (Basically, all I heard was the sound of crickets out in the blogosphere! LOL.) I started rereading it as well, but then somehow put it down midway through to dig into several business books and some of my favorite Emma Curtis Hopkins writings. I guess I got what I needed from it during the times that I read it. I will likely work my way through that one throughout the year.

As for Leave Your Nets, I have a much different energy around it. I could read this one hundred times and never get tired of it. I KNOW you’ll enjoy it! “To achieve the ability to live and work here and now with a constant sense of peace and with greater efficiency is the aim of this powerful book,” it says on the back cover. So for those of you who are willing to explore “a new, spiritually fulfilling and enlightened world in which all beings are at inner peace with themselves and at one with God,” let’s read Leave Your Nets this month. Share your thoughts and experiences with the book right here on the blog. Feel free to tweet me about it, cuz I be getting my tweet on! #ShawnaMarie



3 Responses to “Leave Your Nets by Joel S. Goldsmith”

  1. […] I also got to select a new book and post on my book club blog today. I chose one of my favorite spiritual teachers and healers to feature: Joel S. Goldsmith and his book Leave Your Nets. […]

  2. rabbielimallon Says:

    I haven’t read this particular book by Joel G., but I’ve read and re-read (multiple times) “The Infinite Way” and others of his. Some years ago, I also heard a tape of him teaching, at a group that used to meet on Sunday nights just to listen to his tapes. I like the distinction you make between “teachers’ and “healers,” too. Ernest Holmes says something similar about our demonstration being proof of our true understanding. Joel G’s take on Judaism was unfortunately a bit off, but I attribute that to his not having had knowledge of access to traditional Jewish sources (his Jewish education was at a Reform synagogue which, in those days, was abandoning the “traditional” for the “rational.” It’s different these days). I’ll definitely look into “Leave Your Nets!” Thank You for letting us know about it.
    P.S. I otherwise find the sound of crickets, and the peacefulness around it, quite soothing 🙂

    • SHAWNA MARIE Says:

      Hi Rabbi Eli! I’m glad to hear that you’ll be reading along. I definitely look forward to hearing your thoughts on this one. Though I don’t always agree with everything that he says/writes, I greatly appreciate his level of illumination. I’m not familiar with his take on Judaism. Feel free to share. In fact, I’d love to read anything that you choose to share about him. LOL @ that comment about the sound of crickets! You are right, it is indeed VERY soothing! Ha! 🙂

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