Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


I’m kicking off the 2012 Book Club with a classic: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. As Janvieve Naemani says, “This book is old as dirt.” It’s also an excellent primer for us to start off the new year extremely intentionally!

I love that Hill integrates spiritual principles and practices in this book without beating you over the head about it. There are wonderful self-assessment tools in it AND great prayer treatments to increase your confidence. Yes, auto suggestion is prayer therapy! All of those statements he encourages you to say every day most certainly qualify as prayers. Slick, right? Besides there is an entire chapter on faith. Make no mistake, this is a very spiritual book!

Bottom line, this is a book that will encourage you to be mindful about how successful you can be while giving you tools to do it. I’ve gotten into the habit of reading this one every year. Usually I read it at the end of the year in preparation for the new year (which I did do last month.) I will also read it again this month so we can yap about it together right here on the blog and on twitter using #HTCBookClub.

Which of Hill’s stories most resonated with you and why? What intention were you comfortable setting around financial achievement? Are you willing to commit to daily prayer therapy around the accomplishment of  your financial goals? What is the first thing you will have to address within yourself based upon your personal inventory? Which fears will you overcome this year in order to grow into your next level this year?

*Reminder: You’re invited to tweet it up with me about this book and your revelations using #HTCBookClub. I AM @HealingTruthCtr on the twitter.

With love and faith in God as you…



2 Responses to “Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill”

  1. ginallebsu94 Says:

    Happy New Year! Yes, this is a wonderful book to start off 2012. As I take a look at situations in my personal/professional life, I decided that enough was enough! I realize that only “I” can make things happen and only “I” can be the one to jump start/ignite the dreams/desires inside of me. Of coures, I might need help from others along the way, but they won’t know I need them and they certainly won’t want to help me unless I get up, out, and on towards those things I desire and that I desire to change. I need motivation but I also need determination. I vow to make a better effort and I will put into place those things that will allow or should I say, force”, me make the improvements needed! God, I shall move out of my own way and give you full reign of my body, mind, and spirit! Please move in and take over! Give me the strength to drive when I need to and to cruise when it’s your turn because once I have made the right input, I have no control of the outcome!But I know what your Footprints look like! Thank you Lord!!!!!

    • SHAWNA MARIE Says:

      Happy New Year BE~LOVED Gina! Reading your post is very inspiring because I can sense your determination to evolve into your next level powered by God. It’s happening love. You’ve opened the door to your desires. I’m excited to walk with you on this journey. Do enjoy the book and share your thoughts/experiences along the way. Sending hugs!

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