Make Time For Love


I call ALL of you BE~LOVED for a reason! You are created in Love, by Love, for Love!

With all of the names and greetings floating around “BE~LOVED” just cuts right to the core of the matter. Ideally these words together BE~ LOVED strikes the key-note of your soul, setting off an affirmative: Yes! Absolutely! I AM BE~LOVED! I AM ALWAYS BE~LOVED! (Nice, right?)

And while you are vibing, realizing and expressing love you are correspondingly receiving LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Physical love, emotional love, financial love, spiritual love, sexual love (and add to this list if you are so inspired)… all forms of love are coming to you in equal measure as you allow yourself to BE love.

I’m encouraging all of you to make time for love. Make time in your day to contemplate all of the love that you are, have, give and receive. It’s a great exercise to start and end each day. You can go even further by dedicating time, energy and funds to your personal development around love and relationships.

1. Read and re-read The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz.

2. Read the Healing Truth Center Book Club Selection for August: The Seven Levels of Intimacy by Matthew Kelly. (I’m reading this with all of you and will post thoughts on twitter using #HTCBookClub. I’ll also post here on the Living in Spiritual Perspective Blog about it, too.)

3. Take my Love NOW! Course which includes four (4) private individual consultations with me, focused on healing and empowering you around love and relationships. For information and registration go to Act quickly because I’m offering the course with a special low price of $599 (a savings of more than $400) until August 15th.

As you can see, I’m back after my little Summer transformation time. Lots of wonderful things have been unfolding including my new blog: Journey of An Urban Mystic, a magazine placement (my first), a video feature (Transcending Faith) and plenty more. God IS working dear hearts, for me and for you, too!

QUESTION: Will you be joining me tonight for a LIVE event/show at 8PM ET? Just go to tonight at 8PM ET. I’ll see you then!

Always shine your Light!

Love ya!


SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual leader, psychotherapist and author. She provides consultations, courses and speaking engagements integrating spirituality and mental health. Be inspired and connect with her at


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