How can a single woman stay positive about her potential to experience true lasting love?


If you are a single woman seeking, praying and hoping to enjoy a wonderful loving relationship, this one is for you! At this point in your life it is likely that you have experienced at least one heartbreak, have heard about the ratio of men to women being stacked against you and notice that in this particular moment, as beautiful and amazing as you are, you are indeed single.

Being single can be an absolutely amazing experience

First, I will say this. No matter what anyone else may tell you or project upon you about your status as a single woman, being single, in and of itself is neither good nor bad. It is simply an experience. What you believe about it will determine its value and its purpose in your life. If you so choose, being single can be an absolutely amazing experience that precedes an absolutely amazing loving relationship and marriage, too.

I love meeting women who are able to see the blessing in their single status. Being a single woman myself, I trust wholeheartedly in a Divine Plan that is constantly working out for my good. I also know that as my soul develops, over the course of my life I will be blessed with a variety of experiences that sharpen the stone of the diamond shining light of God that I AM.

Being single is preparation for partnership.

As a single woman I have the unique opportunity to channel most of my energies on my relationship with God, living my life’s purpose and learning to show up 1000% authentically at all times, in all relationships. As I master my Godness as a single woman I am being prepared to do so with a partner perfectly designed to walk with me on this journey of life. Learning to see, be and love myself to the fullest allows me to see, accept and love another who is doing the same – constantly becoming the absolute best version of themselves that they can possibly be, just like I AM!

True lasting love is your destiny!

So, how can a single woman stay positive about her potential to experience true, lasting love? I believe that we do what we have a good reason to do. Cultivating a positive, worry-free, non-anxious level of expectancy that a true lasting loving relationship is both possible and inevitable is exactly what corresponds to this actual experience. If you do want the experience of true lasting love, you’ve got to expect that it is your destiny!

What have you found to be helpful in remaining positive, keeping the faith that your Divine Loving relationship is indeed happening right now, by God’s own hand? Are there particular prayers or mantras that you use? We all know that anxiety around relationships only push them away. How are you able to stop yourself from getting anxious, worried or frustrated about your single status? For those of you in relationships now, what was helpful for you? Do share!

God as you is LOVE!


SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual leader, psychotherapist and author. She provides consultations, courses and speaking engagements integrating spirituality and mental health. Be inspired and connect with her at


7 Responses to “How can a single woman stay positive about her potential to experience true lasting love?”

  1. Rev. Bobby Says:

    Stretchin’ Huh??? Or more to the point….BLAZIN”????

  2. DrDenise Says:

    Bless morning Sister Shawna…

    personally, i dont think it is about staying positive about true lasting love … If God is love and God is in you.. then You too are love.. waiting , willing, ready, available to manifest itself in the lives of others…

    Although I havent been sexually intimate with anyone ina few years now.. truly I have an awesome, marvelous love life.. Because my life is filled with spiritual, emotional, and intellectual intimacy from quite a few people (men, women& children)..lolol.. and when the time comes for me to share or experince that sexual part of a one on one monogamous relationship.. then its on and poppin.. until then I will continue to enjoy, and embrace my loves~~

    Sister Shawna.. as far as that “true love” that most women pray for.. yearn for.. it will come ..I have no doubt in my mind.. You will receive what you attract.. I had a relationship where the sexual part wasnt that.. wasnt on point (best way to say it), but a lot of other things were..and I have had relationships where the sexual part was Awesome, BUT…That “true love” that most desire comes with a price to pay.. time, energy, resources, and effort.. That when I am truly real and honest with myself.. Im not willing to invest at this time in my life..Pursuing a PHD, Fulfilling God’s prpose in my life, working on an internet radio station, baby Boy in college, and recently became a Nana..smh….Not at this time…

    Eventually you will attract what you are… and if you are Love in its truest form, you will attract that.. Instead of just focusing on receiving true love in one relationship.. be that in all of your relationships… and it will come… Its funny how many so-called “proposals” “promises”, I have received in the last few Its not because they were in love with me per se, its because its an awesome thing to receive unconditional love and acceptance from someone~ to receive it in its purest “truest” form~~~

    Sister Shawna…

    Please continue by any and all means…

    Make it a bless and marvelous one

    • SHAWNA MARIE Says:

      Blessings Beloved Sister Denise. Your post is full of so much wisdom and grace. Indeed it is our opportunity to eternally BE love and to enjoy it in its many forms knowing that ideal mates are inevitable. Hence, we’ve got nothing to worry about. 🙂 MUCH love and thanks for your comments my dear.

      • DrDenise Says:

        ~~~~::))) Make it a beautifully bless, magnificently marvelous, and powerfully positive one

  3. DrDenise Says:

    Sister Shawna…

    I said ALL that to say… We, men and women, have the potential toe experience “true love” constantly and daily.. Please dont limit God, or yourself by focusing on one relationship…

    True love is an All encompassing love.. In your life you will have good people, in challenging situations.. and challenging people in good situations..All your experiences.. learning how to be patient with the intolerable, loving the unlovable, being righteous in place of being right…etc.. is preparing you for that one on one relationship with your partner…

    be what you are trying to acquire.. it will come.. guranteed.. Okay thats it.. i think..lolol.. At least for now

  4. DrDenise Says:

    Bless evening Blaze~~~ loving it.. feeling it~~Now, that I have the time to sit back and relax and enjoy the blog.. Initially when i read the blog, I was on my way to teach a class…As you stated being single is a preparation for togetherness….Its funny I really dont consider myself single..sounds funny..But I dont, I dont think about being single, married, or ina relationship.. When people on fb have made comments about my husband or a significant other, I have never corrected them.. and my response to them is “He is a bless and lucky man”..

    Some time ago a Brother in church, He and I were in bible study for 3 years told me he thought I was married.. i asked him how could he think that,when all the time in bible study he had never heard me speak of my husband.. In Bible study, is a place you tend to share your testimony, trials, and tribulations.. he said as many others that he just assumed I was married. I asked him ‘Why”.. By the way I carry myself..I always laugh out loud.. because Im not sure what that means…..

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