The Mastery of Love


As this wonderful new month of June takes bloom and all of our activities bear fruits of success I thought it would be great to kick off the Healing Truth Center Book Club with a book that will surely get everyone thinking about the power of love. I recommend this book to every single one of my clients, be they single, dating, married or otherwise. Even if they tell me that they’ve read it before, I encourage them to dust it off and read it again.

Why read The Mastery of Love?

Everyone has some level of understanding and experience with love. Additionally, we all have desires and more to learn about love, too. Spiritually speaking, we often agree that God is love and follow the scriptural advice to “let all that ye do be done in love.” Love of self and God, love of self as God, and love of others as God is that next level of love that requires some serious effort.

The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz presents some great food for thought about love. I don’t want to summarize the key points in case you haven’t read it as yet. Instead, I encourage you to check it out. Give it a fresh look if you’ve already read it and note what points catch your attention. Ruiz does a wonderful job of presenting the challenging aspects of relationships, the opportunities and a host of dynamics that are often at play as pertains to relationships. Besides, the ideas and context are quite spiritually based.  (Was that vague but intriguing enough for ya?)

I have read The Mastery of Love several times over the years. I think the first time was back in ’99. A little tidbit for the hip hop heads out there, the book made a cameo appearance in the movie Brown Sugar. Want to guess who had it and when? Get busy in the comments. I may give a prize to the first soul who remembers. (Or not. We’ll see.)

Anyway, I’ll be sharing additional tidbits on twitter using the trending topic: #HTCBookClub. Feel free to join the fun and share thoughts, quotes, etc. on twitter, my facebook page or directly at Actually, the benefit of putting your comments on is we can have a gathering place for everyone who is reading this book as part of the Healing Truth Center Book Club.

Important Reminders:

Let us remember that our success is directly related to the love we have for self, life, God and others. Also, June is the month of success (being that it’s the 6th month of the year, and 6 in numerology has the vibration of success.) Let’s tap into the energy of success all month! Know that you are destined for success. Know that success is your Divine Right and happening right now! Know that God as you is successful in love, relationships and EVERY aspect of life.

And… come join the Monday Morning Meditation Crew! I am going to be leading a LIVE meditation on Monday mornings as part of the Living in Spiritual Perspective Show and would love for you to join me. Register today! It’s FREE. By registering, I’ll know that you’re part of the crew and be able to contact you directly related to the LIVE shows, archives, upcoming shows, etc. Are ya coming?

Register here: Monday Morning Meditation

God as you is LOVE, LOVABLE and LOVED!


SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual Leader, psychotherapist and author. She provides private consultations and courses integrating the best of psychotherapy and spirituality to empower others to their greatest potential. Connect with her at

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6 Responses to “The Mastery of Love”

  1. Rev. Dr. Robert Yarbrough Says:


  2. Maisha Says:

    I ordered this book as part of the boxed set and it should arrive today. Looking forward to a great read!

    • SHAWNA MARIE Says:

      Yeah Maisha!!! You’re going to enjoy this one and the whole series! I look forward to hearing about your thoughts and the revelations that come forth! Welcome to the book club!

  3. I purchased this book a few years ago and read it again in April of this year. One of my favorites and filled with beautiful messages on truth, love, relationships, forgiveness and healing. Outstanding recommendation for this month, Shawna Marie! It’s one of those books to keep on hand and continue reading, re-visiting and practicing in our daily lives.

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