Staying True


Showing up 1000% authentic in this world each day includes staying true to exactly who you are, your integrity points, where you are in each present moment, what you believe about yourself and about life and holding to that, no matter what. No one ever said that truth was easy, but I will say that it’s worth ever trial and growing opportunity that is born thereby.

Being spiritually aware and growing does not preclude anyone from exercising their faith and applying all of those wonderful spiritual principles in real life experiences. When I used to facilitate a monthly spiritual discovery group in the City (NYC of course) sometimes our discussions were very vibrant as we talked theoretically about applying spiritual principles. Trust me, it was much more intense and slow moving when the discussions were personal.

“No incurables” and “No poverty”

We’d be yapping it up about “no incurables” and “no poverty” and the dynamic would shift the minute someone’s personal experience was touched. Some of the more memorable experiences were around diagnoses of HIV/AIDS and cancer, a soul who was in a coma, and long periods of unemployment for several members. When not directly facing any one of the situations I just named, it’s easy to be objective and hold to your spiritual principles. You can pray for that other soul and know that God is working.  But when it’s personal… yeah, that’s a different ball game all together.

It sure does take a lot of courage to even let someone else know what you are growing through. God forbid you be ashamed that you brought whatever the issue is into your own experience “by right of consciousness.” I choose to believe that we don’t simply attract experiences “because of  the thoughts we are holding,” but because we’ve attracted the opportunity for soul growth that this particular experience will reveal. I also believe that staying true includes releasing the shame, self-criticism or judgement around our S.H.I.T. so we can get to the GOOD that awaits us as we boldly grow through it holding firmly to all those spiritual principles and putting them into dynamic action.

When we are really clear…

Staying true also means engaging in regular moments of quiet communion with Holy Spirit so our asses are real clear of exactly what God is revealing in, as, for and through us. Then my friends, we take our bold action in full faith, regardless of whatever fears and anxieties may come up for us and with zero regard for what others may say, think or do about it (when we’re clear.) It may be wise to find a graceful way to communicate with others so they may perhaps grow to understand your intense relationship and reliance upon Creator/Holy Spirit, lest you be the source of conflict or unnecessary drama in someone’s life who simply loves you and is trying their best to “be there.” (See What Makes a Great Prayer Partner?)

Remember BE~LOVED Ones, life is evolutionary, hence we are healing, growing, and changing every single day for the better. Ideally each day we know more about God and life than we did the day before. Sometimes we learn best through three dimensional experiences, because they are indelible and require every aspect of us to participate. Big, small, hard, easy… every experience is for our greatest good. There’s no need to shift your perspective because you are growing through something, instead stay true to what you do know about God and most certainly be open to know God even more.

June is the Month of  Success &…

Sending you lots of love and knowing that the energy of the number “6” for success is vibrantly radiating in your life circumstances right now! As always, BLESS UP!

I love you and invite you to join me for Monday Morning Meditation at Staying true to my passion to serve as a vessel for inspiration, education and healing, I will be providing a FREE meditation session on Mondays. Please join me and tell your friends!


SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual Leader, psychotherapist and author. She provides private consultations and courses integrating the best of mental health and spirituality to empower others to their greatest potential. Connect with her at

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