The Gifts of Spirit


If there is even one soul who is afraid of or confused about the gifts of Spirit I pray this message finds its way to you.  For let there be no mistake, the gifts of Spirit are real, they are a blessing and they are an anointing on your life to assist you in serving humanity.

I promised yesterday that “always I’ll share what is pouring from my heart.” And BE~LOVED Ones, from the very instant that I published Born to Write? I was flooded with the inspiration to share about the gifts that once scared me as child and have been one of my most protected secrets in adulthood.  It has really been an interesting walk for me to understand and also to become comfortable with the gifts.

Lately I have become comfortable enough with myself and my path to shed the fears that I have had about being intuitive and also being afraid of how others may respond to me if they know. It’s funny because I have never once been afraid of death, which is supposedly what everyone fears the most.  Faced with the possibility of death on a couple of occasions, I’ve actually been completely at peace. Yet I have been terribly afraid of how people would react to me or treat me if they knew that I do indeed see, sense and hear uninhibited by the dimension of time.

The first key for me was in learning to understand them. As a child how do you understand suddenly feeling as if your entire body is on fire, that your heart is racing and you feel completely overtaken by a process you cannot put into words? Who do you tell about “the Voice” that speaks to you and ultimately through you when you let it? And what about the spontaneous visions? Or the smiling man on the bus who you know is fantasizing about raping you? The deep sorrow you feel when you look into someone’s eyes and suddenly their life circumstances flash before your eyes?

Looking back now, I wonder if it wasn’t so much that I was a shy kid as much as I was watching and trying to understand life and all that was being revealed to me. How do you even navigate in a world where you know things and feel things and don’t know why?  I used to envy the fact that everyone else seemed to be oblivious and could just be in the moment, no voice, no visions, just living their lives. After a couple of instances when people would get freaked out by me knowing something that as far as they were concerned, I didn’t have a reason to know… I learned to be careful with my words. Most of the time I was just quiet.  It was almost like living on “stand by.”

Over time I started to notice a few things. When I just relaxed and let the process happen, whenever it did happen, my anxiety decreased. There was a pattern as to how and why things would be revealed to me, usually in preparation or to reveal a role that I was to play in someone’s life. I learned to discern the dimension of time with the visions. Probably most importantly, I learned to shield myself from everyone else’s thoughts, feelings and energies at will. Being so sensitive all of the time was problematic. I would be around someone and absorb all of their emotions. They’d feel better and I’d be exhausted and/or sick. (This was probably another reason why I shied away from people a lot. It was safer.)

Besides, I used to wonder, who wants a girlfriend that knows, feels and sees stuff? Interestingly enough I don’t know, feel and see everything, just some things and always for a Higher Purpose. Because trust me, I wish my intuition could’ve saved me from some of the heartaches, lies and BS that I’ve been through. But that’s another post. (Nah, probably not. That’s all behind me.) Since we’re now talking about relationships, one thing I will say on the topic is that it does neither you nor your partner (or potential partner) any good to hide parts of yourself. We actually all have access to varying levels of the gifts. Over the course of your life, especially if you have a prayer and meditation practice, your spiritual faculties will awaken and develop even further. This is part of your anointing and your life path. Why hide it? Especially, why hide or be ashamed of exactly how God created you to be?

Now look, I am not saying to go shouting from the rooftops, “I’ve got the gifts!!!” I know full well the vulnerability that comes with sharing something so personal and sacred with another soul. At first some of my friends were like, “Bet! What do you see for me?  Give me a reading!” My former beau would simply not tell me things and rest on the fact that I would intuitively pick up whatever I needed to know or “get the signals” he would send me.  (I still roll my eyes when I reflect back on that BS.) There are some who’ve had negative reactions and are simply no longer in my life. For most, I’ve never mentioned it so probably they don’t even know.

The other day I received a vision about one of the producers I work with here in New York. All day I was debating how and if I should say anything to him about it. We had a conference call scheduled the same day I had the vision. There was a part of me that wanted to just skip the call so as not to possibly spill about the vision. Sure enough the minute I heard his voice, the vision came to me yet again and I blurted out, “I had a dream about you.” Lies! I didn’t have a dream, I had a vision. Despite whatever fears I had of his response, I had a responsibility to share the vision with him. I knew that it would keep flashing into my mind until I did and so I spilled. I even told the truth that I didn’t have a dream, but a vision. He was cool with it and grateful for the message. As I explained the vision to him, although he said, “Yo, that’s wild,” he continued to explain why it was helpful for him to hear it. Apparently it served as confirmation about something for which he was seeking clarity.

FYI, I do not give readings so please do not bother asking for one. It’s not my thing and I could write a couple of posts about the concerns I have about the use, misuse and risk of readings. If you are inspired to work with me, yes, you may as well know that intuitively there are things that I will know, see, feel and share with you. Yes I can and do interpret dreams. I AM a spiritual healer and teacher. But I repeat, I do not give “readings.”

Before I head out  for the day I just wanted to give a super quick overview. The gifts of Spirit include healing, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, dream interpretation, speaking in tongues, interpreting the speaking of tongues, intercession, prophecy and  ministry. (Hmmm, I hope I’m not missing any of them. If you have some to add please post in the comments.) I do have to get to the office for appointments.  If you have any questions at all, go ahead and click ASK BLAZE! I am happy to answer any questions you may have. I also encourage you to check out this week’s show “Mystical Marriage” now playing at

I pray in full faith that wherever you are and whatever concerns you may have in this moment, you turn with joy and with ease to the Divine Countenance, Holy Spirit in the depths of your soul to receive all the love, inspiration and guidance that you need right now. I love you. I bless you. And I will be back tomorrow morning with another dose of inspiration to live your life with Spiritual Swagger™.

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SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual Leader, psychotherapist and author. She hosts the Living in Spiritual Perspective Show at and provides consultations to empower others to their greatest potential.

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2 Responses to “The Gifts of Spirit”

  1. Rev. Bobby Says:

    Now that you are exposing yourself…lets rename you the new Rochelle Flasher!

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