Born to Write?


With all of the ideas and visions that pop into my head and the sincere inspiration that comes over me to share them, I suspect that I was born to write. The more I write, the more ideas come pouring forth, too! It’s as if Holy Spirit is waiting for me to get the words out first to give me more to share. Reading Do You by Russell Simmons yesterday and the stream of tweets by Kevin Powell about writing got me to thinking about how we (okay me and possibly you, too) can get in our own way.

The first money I ever “made” was in 3rd grade when I was living in Cali. I was so inspired by my Grandma Marie that when my teacher asked my class to write about our hero, I hit the page talking about what an amazing and loving woman Grandma Marie is. I don’t remember there even being a “contest” per ce but my teacher loved what I wrote and got choked up when she read it.  Next thing I know there was a ceremony at my school when I read it out loud and got a $50 savings bond (still in my drawer as I type.) Grandma Marie got teary eyed, too, and hugged me like she’d never hugged me before when she read it. And this is a woman who gave some great hugs! For years that first paper of mine has been hanging in her room.

That day I remember Grandma Marie told me to never forget that I can do anything and be anything I want to be in this world, even a “world famous writer.” She suggested that maybe I’d write books one day. She has actually said that first part about me being able to do anything and be anything hundreds of times. I love that she has that faith for me, my brothers and sisters and actually EVERYONE. That conviction and belief that she has for everyone is what I felt the instant I met her at 7 years old and that’s what inspired me to write about her. Meeting her, anyone and everyone just feels love. (I may have to write a chapter or two about her in one of my books.)

You’d think that I would have taken that word of prophecy about being a writer as gospel and went for it, right? Nope. There was not one teacher who didn’t tell me I was a great writer. I still have my high school papers that even I thought were phenomenal. When the Voice of God literally radiated throughout my entire body back in ’03 and showed me some of the books I’d write… I still sat on my hands.

Just about every time I sat quietly I’d hear words that were advice for me and others, inspirational messages to share with the world or concepts for the books I am to write. I can be honest with all of you because this is our sacred space and you’re reading this by Divine appointment… I’ve been scared. I have come to understand that underneath the fear of failure is really a fear of success. Shyness is not only a fear of rejection but a fear of one’s full glorious radiant expression.

So while the Living In Spiritual Perspective blog is to inspire all of the souls who are drawn to it, the Keepers of The Flame, it is also my opportunity to express all that Holy Spirit reveals to me without any fear or hold outs whatsoever. Sometimes I’ll have great lessons for you, sometimes I’ll share stories and always I’ll share what is pouring from my heart.

Truth be told, I’m not sure that I’m a great writer as much as I’m inspired to express what comes from the depths of my soul. I often teach about the Word made manifest as the spoken word, the written word and the living word.  That’s my growing edge as well as my mission: to speak, write and live the Word of God as Good. (FYI, to spread the gospel is to spread the good news.)

BE~LOVED Ones, let there be no holdouts (not a single one) in expressing ALL of you. Share your talents, gifts, ideas… ALL of you without reservation. Whatever dreams you’ve put aside, talked yourself out of or ignored… perhaps today you’ll own them. Consider the possibility that your inspiration is from Holy Spirit and your next level of expression is being revealed to you for fulfillment. If it’s by G.O.D. then it’s gotta be good! So go for it! (See 10 Commandments of Success in order to remember that you absolutely cannot fail!)

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Faithfully yours and with lots of L.O.V.E.,

SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual Leader, psychotherapist and author. She hosts the Living in Spiritual Perspective Show at and provides consultations to empower others to their greatest potential.

Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.


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  2. Jaz Says:

    Shawna, thank you…This morning when I read your blog here, call it what you want ‘attraction’ reading this is by Divine order…

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