True Happiness


It seems to me that true happiness is not dependent on people, places, conditions or circumstances. Wouldn’t happiness that is uniquely the result of an outside condition or person be a subtle form of idolatry? Growing up I used to think, “I’ll be happy when….” Inevitably each of the goals that I’d believed would make me happy were of course achieved and then I’d be on the next goal. Certainly there were moments of happiness, fleeting happiness, but not lasting happiness.


Instead of being “happy when…” I AM HAPPY NOW! It’s a choice that I make regardless of the circumstances around me and regardless of the actions of others. As if I’ll only be happy when xyz happens? Please! That’s just not how I roll. Now sometimes I have slipped up a bit on this stance only to eventually be like, “ah… what happened?”

Who pushed me?

It’s like the time I was on a date and insisted that we stop at Fairways to get my favorite ice cream. I was in great spirits, laughing, smiling and having a good old time. I hopped out of the car and bolted towards the entrance ramp only to find myself suddenly laid out on the sidewalk looking up at the night stars I imagined swirling in front of my eyes between me and the dirty overpass above my head.  As my eyes were rolling around and I was wondering, “ah… what happened?” I could see my date leaning out of the car window with big eyes. I guess he was just as shocked as me! LOL. At some point he fixed himself to say, “are you okay?” All I could do was keep blinking my eyes, trying to get my bearings.

I don’t chase happiness, I choose happiness.

Eventually I was able to burst into laughter as he helped me get up off of the ground. After a while my headache went away (with the ice cream of course.) So while there are times when I slip, trip and even fall off of my altar of eternal love, joy, peace and happiness… just like that night when I busted my whole “arse” on a date in front of Fairway I am quickly reminded that true happiness comes from within. I don’t chase happiness, I choose happiness.

Not that you asked but yes, it was particularly humbling for one hot second to be laid out on the street in front of my date. It was also the funniest date I’ve ever had! I bet if I called him right now, he’d remember and be cracking up! So that’s the second point I wanted to make this morning. Never take yourself so seriously that you can’t full on laugh out loud at yourself!

So to the Bold BE~LOVED Keepers of the Flame, I pray that you rock this world today with love, joy, ease, peace and happiness!

Love! Laugh! Live! 😉

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SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual Leader, psychotherapist and author. She hosts the Living in Spiritual Perspective Show at and provides consultations to empower others to their greatest potential.

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