Reasoning & Realization Prayers


Perhaps my Jamaican roots were showing on Saturday when I started talking about “beggy-beggy” prayers on the Prayer Power Show now playing at (LOL). Several souls have called me this week to cosign my comments and high-five me for going there in my message.

To Beg or To Know

BE~LOVED Ones, if beggy-beggy prayers have been working for you and have been particularly effective, by all means rock on! Prayer Power seems to go beyond a daughter or son of the Most High begging of God/Universe/Holy Spirit that knows all and provides all good to the entire world.  As I shared yesterday in A Movement of Mind, we realize what we believe, expect, need, desire and are convinced we deserve. We pray to grow what we know about God working in our lives.

Reasoning & Realization

American mystics/spiritual teachers such as Emma Curtis Hopkins and Ernest Holmes taught about prayers of reasoning and realization. Because we are consciously seeking A Movement of Mind we may have to talk ourselves into a new level of understanding until we are convinced of it and have reset our core beliefs. (See Prayer Power.) If you are good at debating or winning arguments this method of prayer will be a cake walk. The other method (and sometimes you’ll intermingle the two, which is cool) is a prayer of declaration of a new idea or epiphany. Your realization of greater understanding (light) is stated.

A Prayer of Reasoning

Is there any place or space where God is not? No! Is there any reason whatsoever for a daughter or son of God to suffer? No! To hurt? No! To do without? No! To lack for any good thing? No! To wander this Earth in confusion? No! To fear? No! If God is all powerful, everywhere present and always acting for the greatest good, what have I to ever fear? I AM the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory of God in eternal immortal manifestation! My realization of God can and is now lifting me out of a life of confusion, struggle, lack, negativity and dis-ease. I AM led, guided, protected and perfected by the Presence, Power and Wisdom of God. The scriptures say, “thou shalt decree a thing and so shall it be.” I decree: love, health, wealth, happiness and success NOW! My words shall not return unto me void. And so it is. Amen.

A Prayer of Realization

God is the One and Only Power acting in this entire Universe! God knows and heals all that concerns me. God protects and perfects me. God provides for me, instantly, the very second any “need” appears. I have absolutely nothing to worry about, ever. I know God works everything and everyone together for good. My good is assured. My health is good. My money is good. My life is good. My relationships… EVERYTHING is good. All is well. I am so very blessed and grateful for God in, as, for and through me, and everyone everywhere. Amen.


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6 Responses to “Reasoning & Realization Prayers”

  1. Rev. Bobby Says:

    Absolutely in awe of you!

  2. rabbielimallon Says:

    The “prayer of reasoning” can be a first step towards a more intuitive type of praying, where our view of a problem or situation changes in a positive direction more spontaneously, with little or no effort of our own. By “reasoning,” we’re opening new pathways in our minds, much as we do when practicing typing. The more we do it, the faster and easier it becomes for us. It can be a first step; certainly not the final one.

  3. Laila Says:

    Wow this was extremely interesting and helpful. I hadn’t thought about prayer from a reasoning, realization or even a self-affirming perspective. I don’t have any type of method for prayer. I go from subject to subject praying for people and hoping I haven’t forgotten anyone. Mostly healing. I am currently formulating a method for prayer. I need structure. This is extremely helpful in provoking thought. Thank you Shawna. God bless you!

    • SHAWNA MARIE Says:

      Bless you Love! I’m glad to know that this message is supporting your process of developing a structure for your prayer life. Thanks so much for taking the time to post on the blog. Much love and blessings to you!

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