Prayer Power


There is so much that I have to share about prayer power, so much more than what is in the Prayer Power Show now playing at Fortunately I have the blog as an additional outlet for dialogue and information sharing. I’d promised on the show to continue to pour out insights here on the blog so here we go!

At the foundation of our prayer power are our core beliefs.

Depending on how you were raised, the dominant spiritual/religious perspectives that framed your context of understanding and the feedback you received during the course of your life experiences, there are a set of ideas that serve as absolute truths for you. I’m not here to judge or declare what’s so-called right or wrong with your core belief set. Instead in the spirit of supporting Spiritual Freedom I encourage you to consider what are your core belief sets. I also suggest that you take a fresh look at them to evaluate which ones serve you well and which ones may hinder you at this point in your process of spiritual discovery, healing and growth.

What are my core beliefs?

Some of you may be asking the above question and feel a little stumped by it so let me help. Consider: Who, what and where is “God?” What do I know/believe about my relationship to/with “God?” What are the key principles by which I live my life? What is prayer? What role does or could prayer play in my life? How do I pray and why? How do I believe prayer works and/or does not work? Do I believe that some prayers are not answered? If yes, which ones, how and why? What are the limits to what I believe is possible?

This BE~LOVED Ones is a great start. When you identify your answers to these questions, always ask yourself , “Why?” It’s actually quite interesting to see where our beliefs come from. Sometimes that act in and of itself is very revealing.

Why bother?

It’s possible that some of you wonderful blazing and amazing onese may want to skip this exercise and that’s cool. It just means that you may miss out on the process of truly tapping into your prayer power. Especially as adults there’s so much of our inner world of activity that is unconscious. Undertaking this task will shed some light (understanding) on some of those unconscious processes at play so we can live effectively, powerfully and from a position of self-awareness. If you want your prayers (your life – because your life is your living prayer) to be popping, blessed, amazing and all that good stuff:  JUST DO IT!

Care to share?

If you dare to share questions and revelations in the comments we’ll have the added benefit of peer support, which as I shared in The 10 Commandments of Success is tremendously powerful.

As always you are blessed, prospered, protected and perfected by the Love of God now and forever! Today and every day let’s Bless Up the World!

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SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual Leader, psychotherapist and author. She hosts the Living in Spiritual Perspective Show at and provides consultations to empower others to their greatest potential.

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5 Responses to “Prayer Power”

  1. Rev. Bobby Says:


  2. Laila Says:

    I just had a revelation. I’m not sure I know how to pray. I’m told it is more important than reading His word. My soul compels me to speak in spirit all the time, but I was told it is praising. What is prayer? Talking to God; Asking of God. What role does it play in my life? I really can’t answer that. I pray when healing is needed for myself, family members, friends, groups of people and parts of the world. I don’t pray everyday, and I don’t really have a methodology for prayer. Perhaps that’s why I’m so unsettled. Wow. Thanks.

    • SHAWNA MARIE Says:

      Blessings BE~LOVED Laila. You’ve had a pretty big revelation there. I would encourage to keep exploring at your own pace and without any pressure or anxiety as you begin to develop your understanding of prayer at this time. Every question is poised for an answer and you’re the woman for the job. I look forward to hearing how you begin to define prayer and how your prayer practice evolves. 🙂

  3. […] big or small, of value or of harm, self-directed or Divinely Inspired. And as I mentioned in the Prayer Power post and show playing at, I believe that our lives are our living breathing […]

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