The Body Knows What The Body Needs


The Healing Truth Center message this week is “Prayer Power” and speaks to the opportunity at hand to live our lives as a powerful prayer. If somehow you missed the LIVE show, “Prayer Power” is still playing at Do go and check it out today.

I simply cannot teach about living spiritually without encouraging physical well-being. Certainly our mental, emotional and spiritual well-being will lend to good financial, relational and physical well-being. All of our thoughts and emotions are dressed in physical forms and our activities are implemented with these amazing vessels of ours. Our inner being impacts our outer being and vice versa.

Our bodies are the churches we attend 24/7.

Our body temples deserve the best of care and an abundance of love.  I like how Stephen R. Schwartz puts it when he wrote “Turning the attention to the body is the beginning of the process of compassionate self-care.” I completely agree! It is actually quite fascinating how much our bodies speak to us and even scream when necessary because we’re not taking good care of ourselves. When we eat unhealthy foods or abuse our bodies with alcohol and drugs, we get sick. Just that like, quick and easy feedback. Now after a period of time of continuing to abuse our bodies, they adjust and build up a level of tolerance until they just can’t take it anymore and we get REAL sick. I’ll spare everyone the psychoanalysis on the psychology of self-harm behaviors such as smoking, drinking and poor eating habits (for now.)

By the time a soul is “sick” their body is screaming “I NEED LOVE!”

Neglecting our bodies and even abusing our bodies is not a good look.  The body craves good food and good use on a regular basis in order to function optimally.  Genetically I’m predisposed to having a long, lean physique. At a glance, most folks assume I’m physically fit just on the strength of my being slim. My body on the other hand knows and tells me better. I will have cravings for fresh fruits and vegetables if I’ve gone too long on starchy foods. My bones start popping and cracking and my body just feels “off” when I don’t exercise. If I push thru adamantly ignoring these calls to action because I have to work (or whatever other excuse I’ve come up with) I run the risk of getting a little squishy in the mid-section and the body aches and pains increase. When I push even further by inconsistent eating and sleeping, forget about it, I get sick.

Love the temple you’re in!

Do you notice that I’m focusing on physical well-being as an act of self-care and love? I am also highlighting the fact that our body temples give us very clear feedback as to how much love is needed to function optimally. Put aside any ideas about an ideal body-size, weight, look, etc. Instead, please focus on loving the temple that you are in. It’s yours for this lifetime for a reason. You can do best in this one vessel of yours.

Feed it well with at least three healthy meals per day. Love and nurture your body from the inside out AND the outside in. Use it wisely. Water it (lol.) Seriously though, drinking water and bathing regularly are self-loving acts.  Putting on lotion with the intention of loving and appreciating your temple is very different that a quick rub down. Exercise it, even if it’s just taking a 20 minute walk (or dancing in front of your mirror to great music) and making sure to stretch each day.  Honor it, by being mindful of its every use and contact. (I’ll have to do another post about sexual activities as an act of love more so than lust.) Rest it with at least 6 hours of sleep each day.

What kind of feedback are you getting from your body? How well are you doing keeping your church (body temple) in order? What if anything may inspire you to do better (besides this post?) 

Blessed Day BE~LOVED Ones!

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SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual Leader, psychotherapist and author. She hosts the Living in Spiritual Perspective Show at and provides consultations to empower others to their greatest potential.

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    POUR Baby Pour

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