Something Kind of Wonderful


The dawn of a new day is something kind of wonderful. It’s a starting point, pregnant with possibilities. I pray that everyone reading these words today can breath in the realization of this wonderful opportunity of a new day.

Because we live in an eternal now, right now everything great and amazing is happening. Dreams are coming true right here and right now. Ideas are being born and fulfilled… pressing out into our visible reality right now. Our prayers, our deepest desires and expectations are coming to life right now.

The smile that spontaneously took form and the joy that is now welling up from inside of you as you realize that all this Good God-stuff is happening right now is the mental and emotional acknowledgement that creates the fertile soil necessary for our blessings to come forth unhindered.

Can you let that joy radiate all day today BE~LOVED? Can you rise in confidence that God IS working AS you? Can you let the power of the entire Universe operate in, as and through you unhindered by hesitation, doubt, intellectualizing or fear? Can you be absolutely ecstatic about your life and everything good that IS happening within you and around you right now? Please do let Divine Inspiration lead you today, and every day. For a boost, check out The 10 Commandments of Success.

If you really want to power up today, join me for my LIVE show today at 10AM Eastern at I am actually bursting with excitement as Holy Spirit has been flooding me with energy and insights to share with you for the Prayer Power show today. Join me to receive a fresh new dose of inspiration to live your life with Spiritual Swagger™.

See you at!

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SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual Leader, psychotherapist and author. She hosts the Living in Spiritual Perspective Show at and provides consultations to empower others to their greatest potential.

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4 Responses to “Something Kind of Wonderful”

  1. Rev.Bobby Says:

    This is a really peacful piece. You have to be at peace to write something like this. You sure you wanna be there????? 🙂

  2. dawyn Says:

    When we choose to serve joy, peace and love, you will feel a shift. Our emotions are a way for us to monitior if we are in harmony or outside of it. As soon as we are in tune with this we can shift back to God space.
    Peace and Blessings
    All The Love In The World

    • SHAWNA MARIE Says:

      Bless you BE~LOVED Dawyn for sharing your words of truth on the blog today. VERY inspiring and empowering…. Much love and blessings to you sis. Love, Shawn

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