10 Commandments of Success


Blessed Morning BE~LOVED Ones! As you already know, in choosing to be obedient each day wonderful ideas come to mind and I am honored to share them with all of you who read my blog. Lately I have indeed been blogging everyday since my declaration in May: The Month of Change.  Following are the ideas that came forth for me to share today. Enjoy!

The 10 Commandments of Success

1. Be not afraid of success for you are simply honoring the mission, vision and gifts bestowed upon you by our Creator.

2. Realize that you are indeed created for the glory of God, to succeed in ALL that you set your mind, heart and hand to be and to do in this world.

3. Remember that all of your good intentions to serve the greater good, include YOUR greater good and are powered by G.O.D. (Good Opulent Design™).  And GOD is ALL-Powerful!

4. You are so very worthy and you are most deserving of absolutely amazing, awe-inspiring, tremendous success! (Can I get an amen?)

5. There are simply no reasons ever and no excuses whatsoever for you not to succeed! NONE! NADA! Zero! Zilch! (Okay, you get my point.)

6. KNOW that what G.O.D. (Good Opulent Design™) has for you is already written, blessed and destined for success! (What are YOU waiting for? Another sign?)

7. Success requires you to always stay on your growing edge and embrace the changes necessary to always be your good, better, best and blessed you AT ALL TIMES!

8. Success is the naturally unfolding continual out-picturing process – the result of living on purpose and in full faith that God is ALWAYS working in, as and through you for the greatest possible good. Often our purpose is greater that we can conceive possible in a single lifetime.

9. Growth and success require shifts in our conceptions of what is possible in, as, for and by God AS us, individually AND collectively. Collectively we are greater than we are individually. Peer-support, teamwork, the collective… are power tools utilized effectively by all who are committed to success as a way of being.

10. Every single success is a success for us all. Success begets success! 😉

BE~LOVED Ones, there is a revolution at hand. WE are literally changing this entire world every single second of our lives with our thoughts, our expectations, our actions to live on purpose. I’ve said this before and I will say it again: following status quo requires zero thought. Provoking thought, original thought and shifting paradigms demand brilliance! I double-dare you: join me as we blaze our Divine Light ever so brightly and light up this entire Universe!

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SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual Leader, psychotherapist and author. She hosts the Living in Spiritual Perspective Show at HealingTruthCenter.com and provides consultations to empower others to their greatest potential.

Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.


6 Responses to “10 Commandments of Success”

  1. Wonderful list, Shawna Marie! Very helpful, inspiring and true!! I will remember and practice them.

    • SHAWNA MARIE Says:

      Blessed morning BE~LOVED Stacey! Thanks so much for taking time to comment today. You’re already blazing your Light so very brightly… Keep blazing Love! Onwards and upwards…

  2. Rev. Bobby Says:


  3. […] Can you let that joy radiate all day today BE~LOVED? Can you rise in confidence that God IS working AS you? Can you let the power of the entire Universe operate in, as and through you unhindered by hesitation, doubt, intellectualizing or fear? Can you be absolutely ecstatic about your life and everything good that IS happening within you and around your right now? Please do let Divine Inspiration lead you today, and every day. For a boost, check out The 10 Commandments of Success. […]

  4. […] in the comments we’ll have the added benefit of peer support, which as I shared in The 10 Commandments of Success is tremendously […]

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