Trusting Intuition


I write by inspiration. I live by inspiration. In fact there is little that happens in my life that is not “by inspiration.” Thankfully I actually follow my inner leadings as to what to do. Had I not done so this morning I’d be walking the 7 uphill blocks to my car in the pouring rain right now without an umbrella (cuz I don’t listen to the news, skipped peaking on my twitter for NY1 Weather this morning and my umbrella is in my car.) Instead, I am already at the community mental health center sipping on some orange tangerine Tropicana and nibbling on the last bites of my breakfast platter while typing today’s message.

As tempting as it is to try to control everything and want to understand everything, living spiritually means we actually get to relax and “let there be light.” (Translation: Light = Understanding.) BE~LOVED Ones, walking in faith means we trust in the good happening 24/7 and being led every step of the way, day-by-day. Nothing is actually amiss, no matter how much we’d like to outline it all based on our personal needs, desires and slightly limited understanding. No matter how truly frustrated we can be when things don’t turn out the way we’d wanted, I believe there’s healing and blessings taking place that we just don’t realize as yet. The Light (understanding) will come. Until then we listen and trust our intuition, which gets stronger because we do pray and meditate on a regular basis.

We’re not crazy for listening to our intuition, trusting intuition in full faith, nor living from within. At least, I know I’m not. We’re on point. We’re pressing forward to the mark of the high calling of Christ Jesus. I mentioned the Jesus Christ Position in yesterday’s message: Prayed Up & Over Allergies. Plus Reverend Bobby and I shared some powerful insights around life as a path of soul growth and healing in Sunday’s radio show: Spiritual Healing Today and Saturday’s Spiritual Healing post. Check ’em out!

Today I simply encourage you all to relax, smile, enjoy this very moment knowing that you are exactly where you are meant to be right now. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to pray this morning to acknowledge your ever-expanding realization of God – the Universal Presence, Power and Wisdom for Good in, as and through you and everywhere, too. Maybe, you’ll even be inspired to carve out some of your precious time for meditation so you’ll be absolutely energized and radiant with the Divine Light of God ALL day today! (It’s not too late to get charged up in meditation, either.)

BE~LOVED, I pray that you will trust yourself today knowing that Holy Spirit IS speaking to you, leading you, guiding you, perfecting and protecting you to ensure your absolute best and blessed in all that concerns you. For 24/7 inspiration be sure to visit

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SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual Leader, psychotherapist and author. She hosts the Living in Spiritual Perspective Show at and provides consultations to empower others to their greatest potential.

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2 Responses to “Trusting Intuition”

  1. Norma Dwyer Says:

    Excellent! Thank you for explaining ‘light’.

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