May: The Month of Change


There is something about watching the sunrise that is absolutely soul inspiring. As I completed my morning meditation and felt the sunrays dawning this new day, these words came to mind: May is a month for change. Teach them about their potential for changing themselves and the world today.

So here I AM obediently reminding you of our power potential for change… Immediate, instantaneous change, healing. At its basic level healing is about change. It can be as simple as changing a limiting, decaying, dis-eased or erroneous thought to one of health, joy, happiness, success, love and well-being.

Healing can also be as extensive as a complete and radical shift in one’s life experience – from death/dying/disease to perfect health, from loneliness and heartache to a wonderful loving soulmate relationship, from financial turmoil to financial freedom and from depression or mental illness to complete peace of mind and emotion.

All of that being said, consider this statement by Goethe: “Make good your own standing place and move the world.” Powerful, right? When we are good individually we are doing our part in evolving the entire world.

My words of encouragement today are:

Be good BE~LOVED Ones. Expect good. Consider at least one change you are willing to make today, one decision for your greater good, one idea that if believed in full faith will change your life for the better… And you go on ahead and rock a powerful prayer this morning that will indeed make good your own standing place and move the world.

I am choosing to let go of any tendency towards shyness because I realize it’s merely a subtle form of fear to express myself. (At the root of that is of course fear of rejection.) Like any habitual way of being, a new possibility can only unfold through first, self-awareness, and second, I have a reason to do and be better. It certainly doesn’t serve me, God or the world to hold back and let fear (even subtle ones) stall my ability to soar to great heights and levels of experience in life! How about that?

What pray tell are you ready to change in your life today?

For more on healing check this week’s show now playing at and be sure to join me LIVE on Saturday, May 7th, 10 AM Eastern for the Prayer Power show!

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SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual Leader, psychotherapist and author. She hosts the Living in Spiritual Perspective Show at and provides consultations to empower others to their greatest potential.

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3 Responses to “May: The Month of Change”

  1. Rev. Bobby Says:

    I choose to be more focused and clear. Nothing will get in my way. I AM “Bout It!

  2. […] all of you who read my blog. Lately I have indeed been blogging everyday since my declaration in May: The Month of Change.  Following are the ideas that came forth for me to share today. […]

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