Power In Silence


Perhaps because I get my power in silence, it is common for me to withdraw from interactions with and availability to others. Shifting to a more public life serving as a minister and psychotherapist, hosting a radio show, producing a WebTV show and blogging seem to run counter to my natural tendency for silence.  Funny thing is, the quieter I am the more I have to say. As I mentioned in Dreams: Windows to the Divine it’s as if Holy Spirit is standing by waiting for us to be quiet enough to hear the Voice of God to actually speak to and through us.

Although I’ve kept up my full time schedule at the community mental health center and commitments for the Healing Truth Center multimedia ministry I have been particularly quiet lately. Thankfully my friends and family already know that when I’m off the grid I am powering up. Literally, I AM powering up! The phones are off. No TV. No radio. No facebook (except I’ve taken a liking to tweeting lately as I can get it popping from my cell phone and then turn it right back off.) I may peak on email. But for the most part I’m in prayer and meditation. I am writing. I’m studying various sacred texts and inspirational books. I AM allowing my energy to be restored and to raise up in consciousness.

I almost pushed myself to go to an event today, but stopped myself as I realized that what I needed today was to just be quiet and power up. I’m glad that I followed my inner leading to stay still and restore. In an average week, there are as many as 30 souls who entrust me with their inner most feelings and their most difficult trials and traumas. As I consider their experiences, I do choose to consciously connect with them energetically. I choose to consider and simultaneously empathize with their experiences. Intuitively there’s information that comes to my awareness…. and from a spiritual perspective, I choose to implement ALL that I have learned as a healing practitioner to support their healing process. Let there be no mistake, psychotherapy is a very spiritual healing art. At least it is for me.

So yes, it is very necessary for me to power up on a regular basis and to know that in so doing, I am even better able to serve. Besides, some times I just want a day or two to be just about me and whatever my soul is seeking, be it laughter, a great convo with family and amazing friends, just napping on my couch…. Actually, now may be a good time to address the possibility that you are reading this post and may have called or emailed me, invited me to an event or hit me up on facebook and are still waiting for a response. As my circle of “friends” continues to grow please know that in my silence I am simply powering up.

AND there’s plenty to support you in the more than 50 podcasts that I have on itunes, the video library, my youtube page, this blog and on twitter.  Plus, you can now “Ask BLAZE!” if you’ve got questions for me. Better yet, make a habit of going to HealingTruthCenter.com. I promise that I will always have great fresh content and inspiration that you can access 24/7.  I am also considering writing more frequently on this blog to keep folks up to date.

If you do read the blog, give a shout out in the comments so I know you’re here.

By the way, did you peep this week’s messages about Spiritual Healing on the blog, Shawna Marie TV and on my radio show (featuring Reverend Bobby?)

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SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual Leader, psychotherapist and author. She hosts the Living in Spiritual Perspective Show at HealingTruthCenter.com and provides consultations to empower others to their greatest potential.

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