Here I AM Lord


As a minister it may seem somewhat ironic that I have no inclinations towards formal ritual.  Now for many years I DID participate in various formal rituals and traditions. I went to church EVERY Sunday, sometimes ALL day on Sundays plus Wednesday and Friday evening prayer nights and classes. I drove to Largo, Maryland, as much as every single weekend to attend the services and classes held at the  Church of Holy Spirit and United Divine Science Ministerial School with my mentor the Reverend Doctor Christopher Bazemore. I prayed, decreed, meditated and studied my Bible daily. I had a gorgeous altar in my room and enough candles and incense to open a Botanica.

I visited many churches and sacred centers. I attended healing nights, prayer circles, retreats, lectures and more. I studied the great philosophers and mystics. I sat at the feet of amazing spiritual teachers. I led formal ceremonies and retreats as co-founder of the Eagle Spirits Enfoldment Center.  I participated in the particularly formal activities of the I AM Activity.  (Yep, I even followed the dress code including the color of the day, no nail polish, long dresses and hosiery in the hot-ass Summer!) I  also gave Sunday Sermons and helped bring the United Divine Freedom Church of the Healing Christ into existence, the first Divine Science Church in New York since the days of Emmet Fox over 50 years ago.

And Holy Spirit spoke to me, once again and said, “Go forth! Heal the sick, raise the dead!” It’s fair to say that everyone who knows me, knows I am not a “church girl” and I have a gift for the FULL breadth of the English language. Again, this may seem ironic because I AM a minister.  Regardless,  I was actually VERY relieved to hear this message from Holy Spirit. These were the same words that Reverend Doctor Christopher Bazemore said to me when I gave the Sunday Sermon at his Church two years ago, the church that raised me up spiritually to the radiant blazing Divine Light of God that I AM today! “GO FORTH! Heal the sick! Raise the dead!” he said to me and “Spread the good news!”

So here I AM Lord, serving in the tradition of the Master Teacher, BE~LOVED Christ Jesus who so wonderfully and boldly set the path before me. No formalities. No rituals. No BS, half-stepping, hesitation or fear, answering EXCLUSIVELY to my Creator in full faith that the path before me is by G.O.D. (Good Opulent Design™). Here I AM Lord, in high heels, jeans, hot dresses or whatever I AM inspired to wear on any given day! Here I AM Lord, inspiring souls worldwide to live their lives with Spiritual Swagger™ EVERY day in their very own special and unique ways!

For some this is Holy Week. For me this is an anniversary time that reminds me of the amazing path of BE~LOVED Christ Jesus, my ordinations in 2003 and 2006 and the covenant that I have made to serve as a messenger of the good news… to heal the sick and raise the dead! BE~LOVED Ones, I pray that in this moment you too are raised up, inspired to YOUR greatest expression of the radiant Divine Light of God in, as and through you!

Be about blazing YOUR Light! Be the blessings you wish to see in the world! Be open to receive the abundant blessings that await your realization and acceptance! For a booster, watch this week’s message at and tune in LIVE Saturdays at 10AM Eastern. The Prosperity NOW! Audio book “soon come.” I’ll let you know the second it’s available. (I promise.)

Are you inspired by this blog? Please support my efforts with a contribution to the Capital Campaign for Healing Truth Center today! Thank you!

With BOLD BLAZING HOT L.O.V.E. (Light Opulence Victory Eternal™)

Spiritual Leader & Author

SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual Leader, psychotherapist and author. She hosts the Living in Spiritual Perspective Show at and provides consultations to empower others to their greatest potential.

Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.


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  1. Rev Bobby Says:

    Tearing Up!

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