Spiritual Entrepreneurship


My evolution in ministry has required me to move into a new role, that of an entrepreneur. Living in Spiritual Perspective means that everything that I AM and all that I do is within the context of spiritual principle. Hence my latest revelations have been about spiritual entrepreneurship.

Ideas have come forth regarding participating in the G.O.D. (Good Opulent Design)™ in the roles of entrepreneur, employee, consumer and minister, which has been wonderful. I am sharing these insights as part of the Spirituality and Business Series of Shows on SHAWNA MARIE TV LIVE Saturdays 9AM Eastern at HealingTruthCenter.com. On today’s show I revealed the first 3 Core Competences of Spiritual Entrepreneurship: Order, Purpose and Vision.

Check out the show Video or Podcast if you want to ensure that your business is popping from a spiritual perspective. DEFINITELY tune in for next week’s show, too!

Please share your comments about the show, spiritual entrepreneurship and your personal path of spiritual discovery and healing with regards to living on purpose and in business!

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With BOLD BLAZING HOT L.O.V.E. (Light Opulence Victory Eternal™)


SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual Leader, psychotherapist and author. She hosts the Living in Spiritual Perspective Show at HealingTruthCenter.com and provides consultations to empower others to their greatest potential.

Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.

4 Responses to “Spiritual Entrepreneurship”

  1. Rev. Bobby Says:

    May the Revelations Continue….

  2. Shawna Marie Says:

    Indeed my dearest Reverend Bout it! Indeed! 🙂

  3. Denise Allen Says:

    Hey Shawna! Good work! Let’s connect soon.

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