How DO you pray?


Today I consulted on a case for a teen aged boy who has been struggling all of his life with developmental delays and mental illness.  After his mother tearfully related all of the trials and tribulations to date as well as the most recent struggles of the day… she looked into my eyes and asked if I thought that prayer could help him.

“How DO you pray? Can you teach me?
Can you… ” she paused, “do it for me?”

I remember having theses same questions once myself. In the hour that we spent together this evening, I was more than prepared to answer her with confidence from personal experience and many years now in healing ministry… to serve.  It’s moments like this when I remember that some things are meant to be. I just posted those words on my twitter, but realize that without further explanation, catchy phrases like that and “God is the answer” have little meaning to others.

The fuller revelation here for me was the realization (yet again) that my path as a spiritual healer/teacher was chosen for me by a Presence, a Power and Wisdom much greater than my greatest conceptions. Step by step, day by day my path is Divinely Ordered and I cannot escape the great conspiracy for my absolute best and blessed as a servant and messenger of G.O.D. (Good Opulent Design.) A spiritual revolution is at hand that is empowering the entire world to truly be free from all forms of bondage, illness, negativity, poverty and dis-ease and I must do my part!

Pray ANY way that YOU feel inspired to pray!

I encouraged this soul to pray in any way that she felt inspired to pray. I spoke about the opportunity that we each have to live our lives as a prayer… for the collection of our thoughts, feelings and actions serve as a living prayer impressing into the Universe, leaving invisible and physical impressions that are indelible. And I sure did educate her about the power in prayers of intercession, whereby she can elevate the vibration of his name, cultivate her faith in the Presence, Power and Wisdom of God, lean on Divine Guidance for how best to support this soul in accomplishing his life tasks and to dedicate at least one minute per day to bless and anoint him with positive ideas about what God can do in, as, for, through and with him.

Prayer is a Powerful Doorway to Realization

We talked about the power in the Lords Prayer and the aspects of the Jesus Christ ministry as pertains to prayer and healing, INSTANTANEOUS healing. Oh I went in! Because BE~LOVED Ones, there is NO person, place, thing or condition under which we are meant to suffer! NONE! And YES, prayer is a powerful doorway to realization of our Divinity, our birthright, our potential, the Divine Presence, Power and Wisdom of healing for this entire world! Let us BE about it! Formal prayer, informal prayer, living our lives as a prayer! Let our every thought, word and deed be about good for ourselves and for others, too!

Support is Available

Bless up dear hearts! And if you do have questions, seek prayer and want support in your personal process of spiritual discovery and healing go ahead and reach out to me at or Send a Prayer Request.

I love you! I bless you! And I join you in the acknowledgment that GOD IS WORKING in, as and through you!

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With BOLD BLAZING HOT L.O.V.E. (Light Opulence Victory Eternal)


SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual Leader, psychotherapist and author. She hosts the Living in Spiritual Perspective Show at and provides consultations to empower others to their greatest potential.

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12 Responses to “How DO you pray?”

  1. Gina Says:

    As I read this I thought to myself how many times I have asked this same question. After many many conversations with you, I understand that you do not have to have the perfect words (if you will) for your prayers to be answer. The key is to be faithful knowing that your prayers will be answer.

    I have seen some dark times, but once I understood the need to have FAITH those dark times turned into lighted paths. I encourage all of your followers to simple pray what is in their hearts and most importantly to have FAITH.

    Many Blessings,

    • SHAWNA MARIE Says:

      Blessings G! Indeed dearest one… faith is key and ALWAYS pray what is in your heart. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom and encouragement on the blog today. Love you!!!

  2. dawyn Says:

    thanks for your words. Hope you are doing well. I ask you to pray for my son Justin and his healing.
    All The Love In The World
    Peace and Blessings

    • SHAWNA MARIE Says:

      Blessings BE~LOVED Dawyn. By the grace of God, I AM well my dear. I am honored to join you in prayer knowing that BE~LOVED Justin, Joyous Universal Spiritual Truth Infinite Nature, is radiant with the Light and Love of God, constantly infused with Holy Spirit… The Presence, Power and Wisdom that knows all, heals all, protects all, perfects all and provides for all at all times in truly wonderful and amazing ways. You are a healing presence supporting him energetically and intuitively with joy and ease. We are in agreement that healing is instant, constant and everlasting. And so it is. Love always… Shawna Marie

  3. Ms. Shawna Marie, I so appreciate this blog entry today. You and I were just talking about prayer lists the other day. (By the way, we must finish our conversation.) I tweeted this entry. I hope everyone sends this entry to their friends. It is so helpful and a great reminder about the power of prayer.

    • SHAWNA MARIE Says:

      BE~LOVED Denise, Yes! Yes! Yes! I am looking forward to continuing our convo! Thank you for sharing the post with your community. From the east coast, to the west coast and worldwide I do believe we are all being called to pray and move forward to true freedom, peace, happiness and good in all aspects of our lives. Loving God as you and tremendously grateful for our friendship… Shawna Marie

  4. Norma Dwyer Says:

    This message is truly a blessing and timely as usual. Sometimes I think you read my mind. I have been thinking about how souls need to be free in order that humankind can find peace, happiness and successful. Prayer and how to pray – great tool. You are truly a messenger. Love – Mom.

    • SHAWNA MARIE Says:

      Hi BE~LOVED Mama! You and I are DEFINITELY connected! I also started working on a post about a topic that you sugessted the other day. Soon come! Love you!

  5. rabbielimallon Says:

    In one sense, it’s not “prayer” that helps, but G-d. Maybe that’s just quibbling about words, though.
    I like Mary Baker Eddy’s comment in “Science and Health,”: “The prayer that heals the sick…is a belief that to G-d, all things are possible.”
    I also like what (then-Father) Francis MacNutt wrote in “Healing,” about the fact that prayer’s effects can be affected by several variables, including who’s praying, etc.
    There’s also the ongoing question of how to combine prayer with our own actions and efforts (e.g. therapeutic services that might be available to that disabled child). The answer, I think, varies — even for the same individual at different times.
    In a recent post on my own blog, I discussed how every prayer helps, even if “little by little.” (
    Pray? Yes!

    • SHAWNA MARIE Says:

      Blessing Rabbi Mallon! I AM always excited to see your posts and comments. I will definitely be sharing more about prayer on the blog and shows as I’ll be doing a series on Spiritual Healing in April. As the quakers teach, we pray AND move our feet. I also believe that God knows and heals all, leaving us with the opportunity to rise in our realization and experience with Oneness through prayer, everyday living, etc. including utilizing all of the wonderful services available to support us on our journey. While this particular youth is indeed receiving the gambit of mental health and educational services, I am of the belief that prayer as a modality of spiritual healing will help tremendously… opening me, his mother and him to an even greater realization of G-d. 😉

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