Me and Kim Kardashian


Who new that Kim Kardashian would be on CNN talking about a practice that one of my dear spiritual teachers had taught me over a decade ago? I know! I’m just as surprised as you!

Apparently, every year Kim and her mother sit down and make a list of everything that they are ready to experience in the coming year including at least one thing that seems “almost impossible,” she told Piers Morgan the other night. Now I do not watch much TV, but every time that I do… I chose to believe that there is a special message to tap my consciousness for the better. (That’s what I tell myself and that is what I expect!)

When Piers asked the young multimillionaire if this works for her, she replied, “Oh absolutely! (Giggle-Giggle.) Every year we accomplish everything on our list, EVEN the things we’d thought were impossible.” Humph. How about that?

I surely cannot tell you what else she said after that because I instantly had a flash back moment to the many years that I’d attended the Church of the Holy Spirit  for our New Year’s Eve Services with Rev. Dr. Christopher Bazemore walking all of the community members through the process of creating our lists in answer to the question: What are you ready to realize in your experience this year? We would then pray over our lists, put them in our Bibles and develop the habit of re-affirming the fulfillment of those desires each time we touched our Bibles. (On average, we’re talking about AT LEAST twice a day.)

Reflecting back, I have to admit that just about everything on those lists sure enough came to fulfillment each and every year.  So… ya better believe I’m going to do THAT after I finish typing this blog.

Thank you Kim Kardashian!  I am conceiving BIG y’all, for with God ALL things are possible. Right?

Who’s with me?


Let’s go!

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With BOLD BLAZING HOT L.O.V.E. (Light Opulence Victory Eternal)


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SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual Leader, psychotherapist and author. She hosts the Living in Spiritual Perspective Show at and provides consultations to empower others to their greatest potential.

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7 Responses to “Me and Kim Kardashian”

  1. This is phenomenal Shawna Marie…I LOVE to hear of people that we would never suspect as using the law of attraction to realize their dreams.

    This is such a reminder to me as well. Thank you for sharing.

    Love you!!!

    • SHAWNA MARIE Says:

      BE~LOVED Anita!!! It is so great to see your beautiful face on the blog today! Thanks for the reply my dear. Onwards and upwards! 😉 Love you, too!

  2. It is true, all things ARE possible through the Most High.

    Our problem is usually thinking too small.

  3. Toni Says:

    Thank you, Shawna Marie. This indeed is another wonderful reminder, or shall I say confirmation for me in my quest about the law of attraction. Once I began my journey , more and more things show up to support this belief. So I”m with you ! Let’s keep on keeping on, practices that support our vision !!!!

    • SHAWNA MARIE Says:

      Hi BE~LOVED Toni! Great to see YOU on the blog, too! Thanks for posting. Did you make your list of realizations for the year as yet? Finished mine last night and have some things to add to it today. 🙂

  4. Shawna, you and I just spoke about this practice. As I’d mentioned, I’d learned about it through Catherine Ponder’s “The Prospering Power of Love.” Thank you so much for sharing this and letting other know a simple way to manifest their dreams.

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