Spiritual Freedom


We all have a Divine Right to believe whatever it is that we uniquely choose to believe and intuitively know about who and what God is to us, personally. No one has any authority over YOUR relationship with, nor understanding of “God.” That’s all YOU. In my humble opinion, it is an individual responsibility to get real clear as to exactly what it is that one believes and continuously grow this wonderful most precious relationship with the God of one’s understanding. And, it helps to remember that no one’s opinion about your Divine relationship matters. It is yours and yours alone. It is sacred…  not to be judged, picked at or dissected by anyone.

Who is to say who or what God is to you?
Wouldn’t you be the sole authority on that relationship? Isn’t it personal to you? Now the fact that many souls often agree and congregate around similar beliefs, experiences, etc. is probably not the best reason to follow a particular tradition or belief system, especially if those beliefs seem misaligned from what feels “true” to you or breed harm, judgment or condemnation. Now if you find yourself in a community of souls whose energy, thoughts and beliefs are naturally aligned with your own, at least for this time in your life, you have found a “spiritual home.” (I say, “for this time…” because as you continue to grow, there may come a time when you are drawn to grow beyond this temporary spiritual home on your soul journey.)

There are many paths in, as, for, with and by God
Living in the truth of your individual understanding allows you spiritual freedom to grow in, as, for, with and by God. So long as your intentions are for good, and you bring no harm to others, you are on a “good” path. Plus, you naturally attract and are drawn to the next level of realization that you are ready to experience, as well as to the souls whose vibrations will best support your soul growth every single moment of your life.

Revelation happens everyday!
Besides, doesn’t revelation happen every day? Imagine what wonders will unfold when individuals walk freely in their ever-expanding spiritual realizations without judging their neighbors or the paths of others… simply being all the love and individual Divine expressions that they were created to be, in complete harmony with life everywhere…

“By thine own Soul’s law learn to live;
and if men slight thee take no heed,
And if they hate thee have no care.
Sing thou thy song and do thy deed.
Hope thou thy hope and pray thy prayer
And claim no crown this does not give.”

Blaze Your Light to the fullest!
Blazing and Amazing Ones, may you always radiate YOUR Divine Light to the fullest! I pray you onwards to your ever-expanding spiritual freedom!

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Shawna Marie
“BLAZE! Goddess of the Sacred Fire”

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SHAWNA MARIE is a Spiritual Leader, psychotherapist and author. She hosts the Living in Spiritual Perspective Show at HealingTruthCenter.com and provides consultations to empower others to their greatest potential.

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3 Responses to “Spiritual Freedom”

  1. Love, love your post! Especially the Spiritual Swagger! Super cool!

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