The Sweetest Day


It was one of the sweetest most precious days this year. Oh yes, this one was special.  I have certainly enjoyed some fairly extravagant Thanksgiving gatherings over the years.  From the year that 20+ members of my Dad’s side of the family descended upon my Grandma C’s house in Miami to fancy full course meals and table settings in chic Manhattan brownstones and crazy fun-filled Queens chill fests with just about ere’body from around the way coming through… Thanksgiving has been a pretty big deal.

Thanksgiving 2010 was very special for me. Free from large quantities of people, food and activity, this one was exclusively about the sincere expression of love and gratitude. We didn’t O.D. on food, jump on our phones or even really watch TV while we were together. We cooked, we prayed, we ate, we talked, we hugged and we loved. We also got in a quick game of Spades, too. Before and after our gathering we all connected by phone and internet with souls that contribute to our lives. Isn’t that what Thanksgiving day has come to be about? In person, on the phone, on the web, wherever you happen to be, exactly as you are… taking the time to consciously be grateful for all that is, was and shall be? To allow ourselves to be inspired to constantly live in the energy of gratitude?

Perhaps that is the blessing in the financial shifts many of us are growing through right now.  For regardless of financial circumstances, what is actually good and eternally true remains available for us to recognize: WE (Yes, you and me) are the gifts that God has created to love, heal and bless each other. Money, material possessions and the like do not make us or determine our value in the world. They are merely accessories to dress and adorn the glorious radiant diamond shining Lights of God that we are.

Let us remember BE-LOVED Ones, spiritually conscious souls are inherently prosperous. We know our worth. We are defined by what lies within us. We naturally attract opportunities to blaze our Divine Light, along with whatever accoutrements (means, money, etc.) will best serve us on our way. So BLAZE dear hearts, BLAZE! The rest will come. Okay?

Shawna Marie
“BLAZE! Goddess of the Sacred Fire”

Inspiration to live your life with Spiritual Swagger™

(c) Copyright 2010 Healing Truth Center LLC. All rights reserved.

2 Responses to “The Sweetest Day”

  1. Dr. Velonda Says:

    The healing, calming, motivating power of words is awesome!

    Keep it coming Shawna;~)

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