Divine Intercourse


I often speak and write about my passionate love affair with the Divine. On my blog, radio show and new SHAWNA MARIE TV… I lovingly share how I explore this extremely intimate precious relationship through prayer, meditation, spiritual study and spiritual living.  What is not so often publicly spoken about by me however, is sex. With the exception of my show “Sex & Sexuality” with Ryeal Simms back in August, I have been fairly silent on the subject. Yet in my personal conversations and private consultations (wether for psychotherapy or spiritual counseling and education) I speak very freely about it, daily.

Numerous souls contact me with questions about sex and sexuality who are concerned about their natural desires, fearful of wether they are “normal” or “going to be punished,” and/or traumatized by current or past sexual abuse. And with minimal promotion, my Sex & Sexuality show with Ryeal quickly became the most listened to podcast I have ever done.  Sounds like it is time that I do my part to lift the veil on sex and spirituality!

Since I am quite familiar with the spiritual aspects of sex and sexuality, I was very excited to support Chris “Kazi” Rolle to give life to “Divine Intercourse: A Live Convo about Sex & Spirituality” on Saturday, November 20th at The Open Center in New York. The event featured Holistic Health Legend Queen Afua, Sex Therapist Sari Cooper, Relationship Coaches Carl & Kenya Stevens and a LIVE audience discussing various aspects of sex, sexuality and spirituality. It was great! While I have plenty to share about the event and topic, for now, you can take a peak at some of the pictures that Kazi posted on his site Together-Apart.com today. More to come… I promise!

Shawna Marie
“BLAZE! Goddess of the Sacred Fire”

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