Adventure in Faith


My dear friend Gina Jackson is my witness that yesterday morning was literally an adventure in faith. I was scheduled to speak at the New York Center For Truth to kick off their Adventure in Faith Celebration and had promised to arrive by 10am. Apparently I was supposed to put the letter “E” before 37th Street in my GPS because at 10am as we arrived at 710 37th Street, which was the intersection of a cemetery and a New York Transit train depot… there was no New York Center for Truth to be found. Focused on the fact that Reverend Anderson had told me that the church was on the corner of 37th and Foster, I proceeded to just drive across 37th Street figuring that we would eventually hit Foster.  Well, what an adventure we had for the next 45 minutes driving across Brooklyn through numerous neighborhoods, pulling over here and there asking folks if they knew where Foster Avenue was, LOL. All we could do was laugh as we both exchanged affirmations, “Everything is in Divine Order” and “It’s all good, we’ll get there in the right time, in the right way.” And we sure did. I arrived at the just the right time and everything unfolded in wonderfully perfect Divine Order.

My talk was about The Game of Life and How To Play It, inspired by Florence Scovel Shinn’s book with the same title. So it was apropos for me to have a little reminder to not take myself and life so seriously, but instead to trust in the process as well as to enjoy the moment. Those extra 45 minutes driving through Brooklyn were fun. Me, Gina and my Godson Kal’el were cracking jokes the whole time! It just so happens that 37th street is not a straight shot to E 37th Street, so were it not for the guidance of the kind souls we met along the way, we may not have reached our destination in time. I was also reminded that life, just like my GPS, is exacting. Me and you, we set our destinations in life. We go as far and as high as we truly believe we can go. If we never conceive of going higher or of being and receiving better, we will never be, receive or get any more in life than what/where we are in this moment.

The experience of being in a New Thought church again – a church that had greeters hug and kiss everyone who walked through the doors, live music, and a festive joyful congregation was more than what words can convey. From the moment I entered I felt love,  infinite, abundant unconditional love.  As I looked over at little Kal’el throughout the service, it warmed my heart to know that he was surrounded by loving  ideas and souls that will help support him to live his best and blessed life. To see such a large congregation of people of color, many Caribbean, grounded in metaphysical spiritual principles… as a Jamaican-American, then and even now as I type these words  I am verklempt. It was like coming home. For in all of these years of spiritual study and exploration, to see so many people like me, colored, Caribbean, vibrant and flavorful…  true to their ethnic leanings…  in a spirit of love and faith and high spiritual principles… that dear hearts, was and is priceless. It gives me hope that communities of color can embrace these teachings, fellowship together and create spaces that honor their cultures as well as their flights in metaphysical understanding.

I am grateful to my mentor Rev. Dr. Christopher BazemoreRev. Dr. Johnnie Coleman, Rev. Dr. Mary Tumpkin, the legacy of the Universal Foundation For Better Living and the Johnnie Coleman Theological Seminary, Rev. Joyce Anderson and Rev. Merle Hypolite of The New York Center for Truth, for it is by their efforts that my spiritual growth, my ministry and yesterday’s adventure came to be.

Love and blessings,


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4 Responses to “Adventure in Faith”

  1. Denise Allen Says:

    Hi Shawna,

    I am so happy you got to party with my people in NYC. UFBL is wonderful organization and I am glad you were received in such love and appreciation. That tends to be characteristic of how we do things. Maybe one day we’ll have an opportunity to have you speak out here in L.A.

    Prosperously yours,

  2. Denise Says:

    Hi Shawna,

    Like you, I agree everything happens in “Divine Order”. When we go through experiences that we think takes us a little off track, it just goes to show that we should just go with the flow and just enjoy life just as it is.

    Always, thanks for sharing your enlightening experiences!


  3. runaerd stone Says:

    Dear Shawna Marie… Universal peace! the infinite all in all was without a doubt present within the New York Center of Truth and I bare witness to the spiritual adventure in faith as I travel upon the path of faith. nothing happen by luck or chance everything is a direct or indirect result of our own actions or lack of. when I discovered that you were going to be in brooklyn. at that point i did not realize that my own thoughts through amffirmation and prayer were being made manifest it was just friday and saturday night as I walked to play a number that I stated afirmly in amoderatly loud tone of voice with enormous emotion as I often have done lately, “Prosperity Now” as I am consumed with my chief aim and goal of $1000000000+ by 9/4/2020 my 60th birthday. high and behold saturday night i see your appearance in brooklyn i saw this as a omen and I made it my business to come witness a prized orator at work you were absolutely the truth ! I am glad that I was able to absorb your energy I am thankful…their is a balance of creative energy flowing through the energy centers I am ready to recieve all that is good and prosperious now!

  4. Rev. Bobby Says:

    If its not an adventure involved, whatever it is ain’t worth it!

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