The Metaphysics of Jesus Christ


Emma Curtis Hopkins It is quite remarkable to me that in the modern spiritual, metaphysical and personal growth/self-help literature of today little is shared about the life and teachings of Emma Curtis Hopkins. This is a woman who in the late 1800s and early 1900s served as a spiritual healer and teacher to thousands of people around the U.S.  She taught, trained and ordained over 50,000 individuals who came to her to learn about the “metaphysics of Jesus Christ.”  She may very well be the original teacher of affirmations! Among her students were spiritual thought leaders such as Charles & Myrtle Fillmore of the Unity Church Movement, Emmet Fox who has been linked to the development of Alcoholics Anonymous, Ernest Holmes of Science of Mind/Religious Science (now popularly known as Centers for Spiritual Living,) Joel Goldsmith (teacher of “The Infinite Way”)  and countless others.

A mystic, spiritual healer and teacher, Beloved Emma’s teachings outline the path to personal development, healing ministry as well as mystical revelations from the Holy Bible and the path of Jesus Christ.  I can personally attest to the spiritual awakening that I experience by her teachings. For more information about this great teacher and the “metaphysics of Jesus Christ” listen in to this interview with Reverend Natalie Jean, founder and director of the Emma Curtis Hopkins Theological Seminary and visit

As far as I know this seminary and the United Divine Science Ministerial School are the only educational bodies that currently provide intensive education and training for healing practitioners and ministers  in the “Jesus Christ method of healing” as taught by Emma Curtis Hopkins.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I am a practitioner in her method as well as a graduate and faculty member of the United Divine Science Ministerial school.

If you would like private counseling to support you on your path of spiritual discovery and healing or a workshop for your group, contact me today.

Another great way to become familiar with Emma’s teachings is to read “Unveiling Your Hidden Power – Emma Curtis Hopkins’ Metaphysics for the 21st Century” by Ruth L. Miller.

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