Me, DMX and The Holy Bible


HOLY BIBLE Yes I am a minister and a hip-hop head. Lucky, too, because my exposure to the Holy Bible as a child in Catholic School and later during my academic pursuits in college really did not have much resonance with me. DMX on the other hand, resonated with me. I listened to his songs constantly when he came on the scene in the ’90s, bought his CDs and went to his concerts. In fact, on the Hard Knock Life Tour, the show was over for me when X left the stage. (But I did stick around for Hov because my friends and ride were not about to miss the headliner, which was cool since I’m a Jay-Z fan, too.)

A little known fact about me is that DMX helped me get into the Holy Bible. Yep! Thanks to X, I went around quoting and philosophizing about concepts from his songs. “Judge not, lest you be judged first” and “yeah thou I walk through the valley in the shadow of death….” Umph-humph. Lucky me again that my boyfriend at that time knew the original source of these sayings and would set me straight with “Ah… you know that’s in the Bible, right?” Really? (LOL! Strange but true. Laugh at me if you must.)

Anyway, my relationship with the Holy Bible has been ever-evolving, ongoing and exciting. Reading the Bible literally never really felt right to me. Reading it allegorically for many years, was okay. Things really got to popping, though, when I found a Bible that had all of Jesus’ saying in red!  Then moving into the spiritual and metaphysical interpretations has been tremendously illuminating. A great primer for understanding the Holy Bible is “The Runner’s Bible – Spiritual Guidance for People on the Run” by Nora Holm. (If you can get your hands on this classic, go for it!)

If you would like to hear about how the Bible came into being and how it can be relevant for your spiritual walk today, listen to Shawna Marie: Living In Spiritual Perspective – Bible Interpretations.

A few of my other favorite books about the Bible  include:

  • The Sermon on the Mount by Emmet Fox
  • The Bible and Kundalini Energy by Dorothy Elder
  • Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning by Thomas Troward
  • The Hidden Power of the Bible by Ernest Holmes
  • Bible Interpretations I, II & III by Emma Curtis Hopkins
  • The Thunder of Silence by Joel Goldsmith
  • Mysteries of Genesis by Charles Fillmore
  • The Millionaires of Genesis by Catherine Ponder

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Please share your experiences with exploring the Holy Bible. 🙂

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Shawna Marie
~Spiritual Healer & Leader~
Live. Love. Prosper.

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