Opening Up to God’s Will


I AM laughing out loud at myself this morning!  Fully prayed up after my Morning Me Time today, of course Shawna Marie is  inspired to write!  It’s what I do! Besides, I simply cannot limit was God does through me or be naive enough to set a schedule for the unfoldment of His/Her glory in my life. Is this just a “me” thing? Or do some of you have similar experiences where you make declarations about how you are going to be or do things, and then you are clearly led by Holy Spirit to be and to do so much more?

As someone who prays “The Lord’s Prayer” a.k.a.  Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount” ( Luke 11:2-4 and Matthew 6:9-15 in the Bible) – a prayer of deference to a Higher Power,  it is ironic that I even bother to make declarations about my will.  It seems like a contradiction of sorts to balance “Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven” with “Shawna Marie wants and envisions this, that and the third.” Yes, man and woman have dominion. We have free will. And yet, we have a carrot dangling in front of us that could very well be the key to the kingdom of heaven and/or a Garden of Eden type of experience whereby we choose, over and over again to defer our individual free will to Thy Will/the Divine Will of Universal Good for all.

I am curious about your thoughts on this one. As my understanding is constantly evolving, I am open to hear the thoughts and experiences of others. Besides, I doubt that I am the only person on the Internet who is thinking about it. Plus at a time when the Law of Attraction and Visioning/Vision Boards are so very popular, surely there are other souls who wonder where is God and God’s Will in all of this “thinking will make it so.” Here is some of what I have shared on this so far: Visioning & Visualizing, What is Your Greatest Picture of Success and More than the Law of Attraction.

Beloved Ones, as I continue to open myself up each morning to more God, I will also continue to share as I am inspired and able.  I thank you for walking this journey with me of ever-evolving spiritual understanding. If you would like private counseling to support you on your path of spiritual discovery and healing or a workshop for your group, contact me.

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Shawna Marie
Live. Love. Prosper.

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