Morning “Me Time”


Do you dedicate special “Me Time” for yourself each morning? If so, please share what it is that you do to love, honor, nourish and bless yourself at the start of your day.  I am collecting a list of ideas for myself and members of the Healing Truth Center Community of ways to get charged up and ready to live each day as our very best and blessed. (Check out Every Day a “Me Day,” Love is the Answer and In The Spirit of Love.)

Lately I have been feeling rather drained and tired, too.  By the grace of God wonderful opportunities have opened up for me: an appearance on a New York City cable television show “Sistah Talk,” a radio interview with Suncera aka “thatwritingchic” on her show Musings of a Muse, the extremely well-received Faith & Finances Series on my Blog Talk Radio show that has inspired me switching to a weekly Saturday morning format, numerous new clients and contacts, and a greater role in the Together-Apart initiative with Chris “Kazi” Rolle.  All of these blessings are in addition to my full-time schedule of 30+ weekly psychotherapy clients.

Now, while I am grateful for all of these opportunities to live my mission and life purpose at a greater level…  Shawna Marie has had a few moments where she has wanted to “tap out” like those MMA UFC fighters do when they’re at their wits end.  You know when your  tank is on “E” for empty? Certainly I pray, meditate and undertake spiritual studies every day and I have also gone on a few retreats (i.e. turning off all of the phones and electronics to just be silent for a day or two to go into deep meditation and dedicated periods for spiritual study.) But as I reflect over the evolution that has taken place over this last year, what sticks out for me is the fact that my outputs have increased dramatically. This significant increase of service to others must actually be balanced with an increase in my self-care inputs (that which is uplifting and inspiring to me.)

Upon this realization I decided to indeed make some changes, which is why I no longer have the Morning Inspiration shows, why phone office hours are only on Fridays and Saturdays from 11am to 3pm Eastern and why I encourage folks to contact me by email and be patient in knowing that I will respond as soon as I am able. Most importantly,  I have decided to reinstate my practice of Morning “Me Time” that is 100% dedicated to feeding my mind, body and soul for 2 to 3 hours every morning. Somehow I’d given up that time little by little and it has become clear to me that I simply cannot afford to do that anymore. It’s for me and it’s required if I am to show up in this world as my very best and blessed.

As confirmation, how about in my first Path of The Sacred Warrior session with Reverend Sensae on Friday she encouraged me to consider the ways that my morning practices can be enhanced to include consistent physical, nutritional and spiritual activities that can serve to ground me in Love.  (By the way, she is such a blessing! I will definitely be sharing more about my experiences with Reverend Sensae and the Path of The Sacred Warrior.) Meanwhile, please share your experiences with self-care. 

How do you love, honor, nurture and cherish yourself to ensure that you are able to show up in the world as your absolute best and blessed?

Any/all tips are welcomed. 🙂

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Shawna Marie
Live. Love. Prosper.

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2 Responses to “Morning “Me Time””

  1. isbn:978-1-60911-248-6

    I live in the spirit, through the spirit and by the spirit on a daily basis and i pray without ceasing. AN understanding of metaphysics and mysticism is the way.


  2. Shawna Marie Says:

    Welcome Beloved Linda. Thank you for stopping by the blog and sharing about your path of metaphysics and mysticism. Much love, Shawna Marie

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