Anointing August – Prosperity Month


Since we each have the power, authority and ability to name (as did Adam, the biblical “first man”) all of the aspects and items of our experience, I have chosen to anoint the month of August as Prosperity Month. Why not? After all, August is the  8th month of the year. The number 8 in numerology has been said to represent prosperity. The dictionary defines prosperity as “a successful, flourishing or thriving condition, especially in financial aspects; good fortune.” And… I can see no harm in consciously activating ideas of abundant good fortune for at least one month per year. I like it! So what do you say? Shall you join me?

If so, let us affirm right here and right now:

1. I apply ALL of my energies to the accomplishment of my complete, permanent, continuously expanding financial freedom and happiness in every aspect of my life!

2. I AM successful, flourishing, thriving and enjoying GOOD fortune in ALL aspects of life!

3. My health, my career, my relationships, my supply (all that I need and want for my greater good and the greater good of all) and my spirituality are all thriving!

By the way, these are the first three declarations in my book Prosperity NOW! Daily affirmations for the completeness of prosperous living which has served as the foundation of the Prosperity NOW! Prayer Movement.

1. Start your day with a Prosperity NOW! affirmation
and view/use #prosperitynow on twitter
2. Buy your very own copy of Prosperity NOW!
Available at
3. Contact me for private counseling or to
schedule a Prosperity NOW! workshop

For more information about the Prosperity NOW! Prayer Movement visit – an online community and resource for inspiration, education and healing.

If you are serious about experiencing greater prosperity, I encourage you to check out the following resources and take conscious steps each and every day towards realizing your prosperity potential.

The Conception of “Complete Financial Freedom”

Faith & Finances Suggestions from the Experts

The Complete Financial Freedom Show

Faith & Finances Part I: Getting Started (Self-Assessment & Visioning)

Faith & Finances Part II: Creating Space & Possibility (Eliminating Debt)

Faith & Finances Part III: Creating the Dream (Building the Foundation)

Faith, Finances & Victory (Testimony & Insights)

I look forward to receiving your comments here on my blog and hearing about how you grow into greater good fortune during Prosperity Month. Also, please feel free to call me, email me and connect with me on facebook and twitter.

Name it and claim it: Prosperity NOW!

Are you inspired by this blog? Please support my efforts with a contribution to the Capital Campaign for Healing Truth Center today! Thank you!

Shawna Marie

Inspiration to live your life with Spiritual Swagger™

(c) Copyright 2010 Healing Truth Center LLC. All rights reserved.


2 Responses to “Anointing August – Prosperity Month”

  1. I’m in! I am open and receptive to receiving all good – especially in the month of August. 😉

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage


    Welcome aboard! Let’s receive my dear. 🙂

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