Know What You Owe


My intention throughout the month of July has been to develop the mindset, skill-set and conviction to achieve my complete financial freedom, and to support others to achieve their financial freedom too.  Great intentions require both commitment and effort if they are to come to fruition. If the intentions are the seeds that are planted, one’s commitment and efforts to nurture those seeds can yield fruit (what I call the “demonstrations of our faith and grace.”)  While I have learned so much from the souls and resources that have been attracted into my experience this month as a result of my intention, I am most clear on the importance to  know what you owe.

Being spiritual does not exempt anyone from financial activity nor the basic tasks of money management. Therefore, being spiritual we must also develop a level of mastery with financial principles and practices if we are to live comfortably. I like how Richard Templar put it in his book The Rules of Wealth, “Most of us believe that even if money does not make us happy (but secretly of course believe that it will) it will at least allow us to be miserable in some comfort.” LOL. Seriously, though, it is easy to slip into the practice of not taking account of your finances because you have faith that God will provide for your every need,  your financial situation may be overwhelming, you simply do not want to look at the bills or think about debts you may have, or you feel your time may be better spent in prayer to radically shift your financial picture.  Yet and still,  to know what you owe is an opportunity to get clear on what is (“the facts”) and what will be required of you to know, to do and to BE for the victory of your financial freedom to come to pass.

So yes, build a wealth consciousness, stay prayerful, join the Prosperity NOW! Prayer Movementand know that all things are possible to God. Also, know what you owe and build your skill-set around money management and financial principles. Your faith, your knowledge, your wisdom, your intentions, your integrity, your actions and your grace, aligned with sound principles – both financial and spiritual – will serve you to achieve your financial freedom and success. (See Complete Financial Freedom and  Faith & Finances.) Now, onwards to your Victory!

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Shawna Marie

Shawna Marie is a spiritual healer and teacher, ordained minister and licensed psychotherapist who provides spiritual counseling, education and healing by phone. To book a private consultation contact her at

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2 Responses to “Know What You Owe”

  1. Denise Says:

    Hi Shawna,

    Thanks for your advice. I’ve been following your posts for a while now and really enjoy reading them. Thanks for sharing the knowledge. You are such an inspiration. I do agree that finances play a big role and will definitely put the book you recommended on my to-read list!

    Thanks again!:-)

  2. Shawna Marie Says:

    Beloved Denise, Thank you for reading and posting on the blog. I greatly appreciate your words of encouragement. Also glad to hear that you find the posts inspiring. Sending love and blessings throught the blogosphere… 🙂

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