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At some point last week I truly got into the vibration of my declaration: I love my life! My love of my life was suddenly exploding from within me out into the world as joy, excitement and super-duper love energy! I spent an entire day loving up on myself with trips to the hair salon, nail salon and some of my favorite restaurants. I was feeling so very good that I went out Friday, Saturday and Sunday, too! And, all of this did not in any way interfere with my practice of daily prayer, meditation and spiritual study. Nor, did it interfere with the launch of Faith & Finances on Saturday or Visioning & Visualizing this morning. Infused with love energy for myself, my life and my mission EVERYTHING has been so very good.

My lesson of late has been about balance. So often I get consumed with all that I am inspired to create and do in this world that I may not gift myself the time to just have some fun, pamper myself, spend quality time with friends and hit a party or two. It’s as if I am driven and cannot take my focus off of the creative process. However, if this past week and weekend are any indications of how so very good and wonderful it can be to balance work and play… it’s on now!

Have fun people! Live your life! And… if you enjoy my messages and radio show, consider becoming a member of Membership is free and you can link up with others who are consciously unfolding their process of spiritual discovery and healing. (While I launched the online community almost a year ago, I now have a clear vision of how we can use it as a way of connecting and supporting each other. Please join today. More fun and interactive opportunities to come…)

Shawna Marie
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