Happy 4th of July!


Happy 4th of July! Happy Independence Day! Going into this month I am naturally drawn to the idea of independence. (Hello, July and “Independence Day” is a cultural norm here in the States.) In fact, my dominant thought process of late has been about financial independence/financial freedom which is what inspired yesterday’s show “Complete Financial Freedom” featuring experts in spiritual and financial empowerment: Denise Allen, Kirsten R. Fellows and Alicia R. Hill. (If you missed the show, and would like to move forward to achieve your own complete financial freedom… do check it out.)

There were so many wonderful insights shared during the show that has expanded my understanding of financial freedom. For one, Denise Allen, Author of The Money Poems introduced the concept of “financial interdependence.” Word-lover and knowledge-seeker that I am, of course I had to look up the word interdependence because, well, I do not recall ever hearing or using that word before. According to the dictionary, interdependence means “mutually dependent.” Hmmm… I have to say that Denise’s explanation was MUCH better than that. In the show she talked about how everyone and everything is constantly relating in some form or fashion so one is never “independent,” as in “not influenced by others.”

I LOVE these moments when I can grow in my conceptualization of life. Prior to yesterday, my understanding about financial freedom included a particular conception of financial independence (i.e. sufficient to support oneself without having to work for someone; having an independent income.) Having been an intern and/or employee for MANY years, the idea of “working for myself” has represented a new level of what I have called “financial independence.” But, Denise is right on in pointing out the fact that there is no level of life that is without another person, place or thing with which one relates. Even hermits, she says, “relates to the rocks  and nature that surrounds them.” (Funny AND true!)

So now I am moving into the conception of a level of financial interdependence (Thanks Denise!) that is satisfying to me so that I can do what I want, when I want, and how I want without any constraints or lack of resources of any kind, be it time, money, ideas, or anything. On that note, I now wish everyone a truly joy-filled wonderful and blessed Happy Interdependence Day!

Do check out Complete Financial Freedom and the upcoming shows Faith & Finances I, Faith & Finances II and Faith & Finances III.  Also, contact me if I can be of service to you by providing a private consultation for spiritual counseling, education and healing. I can be reached at shawnamarieac@gmail.com or 914.813.0906.

God IS working. Good IS happening. All is well.

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Shawna Marie
Healing Truth Center

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