The Reset Button & INTA


A wonderful soul Amar Taborn posted that he had “just pressed the reset button” in response to one of the Prosperity NOW! affirmations on facebook last week. There is healing in those words for sure. Immediately upon reading “I just pressed the reset button” from deep within me I said, “Amen. Me too!” In that instant a shift had taken place. I was attuned to the idea that NOW is the time and everything that has been is already done, no longer of concern to me.

I actually consciously hit that reset button again on Saturday when attending the International New Thought Alliance (INTA) Eastern District event “The Art of Visioning” held at Christ United Community Church in New York City. (I will definitely tell you more about in the coming days as it was amazing. Plus I’ve got plenty of pictures!) After receiving an abundance of powerfully inspiring messages and prayers, then sitting in meditation in the presence of so many radiant conscious creators in the New Thought Movement, I made a commitment to reveal the fullness of the Glory of God that I AM!

Will you hit the reset button today? If so, what is the highest vision of God as you that can be revealed?

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Shawna Marie is an ordained minister, spiritual healer and psychotherapist who provides inspiration, education and healing.

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