Happy Father’s Day & Tools for S.H.I.T.


Happy Father’s Day Day Love to all the dads, uncles, grandpas and other father figures out there… Please check out my Weekly Inspiration Video Love~Heal~Bless created in honor of Fatherhood and our Creator/Father God in heaven.

As promised I would like to give you tools for overcoming S.H.I.T. – Spiritual Healing Illumination Tasks. (See Let’s Talk About Our S.H.I.T.) Please know that you can clear out all your S.H.I.T. if you make the conscious effort to do so. Affirmations are one tool you can use.  Affirmations are definite statements of your greater good made with conviction and the intention of radically shifting your thoughts and emotions to enable a better expression of good in your life. Affirmations often start with the words “I AM” which mean “God as me.” For example, I AM loving, lovable and loved. I AM blessed and prospered beyond measure. I AM the glory of God now made manifest in my life and all that concerns me.

Denials are another tool. Denials are definite statements made with conviction to clear out and negate a less than ideal situation or circumstance. You can think of Denials as your “No” Statements. As with affirmations, Denials are made with the intention of radically shifting your thoughts and emotions to enable a better expression of good in your life.  The basic denial that everyone needs to be able to use is: NO! And your NO! has to be strong! You say and feel NO! because what you are seeing or experiencing is not good, and that’s not okay. You were not created to live in bondage, suffering, discord, lack or fear. Therefore, when that S.H.I.T. shows up, you’ve gotta be able to stand firm and say NO! Absolutely not! This is not acceptable to me! Not now! Not ever! No! No! No! NO bueno! No HAPS! (And my all time favorite) This is Bullshit! This is Boldly Unfolding Living Life Spiritual Healing Illumination Tasks showing up in my life to be overcome and cleared out once and for all!

Then you can get busy speaking forth powerful denials for all the B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T. that has shown up. No drama! No B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T! No abuse! No lack! No limitation! No anxiety! No fear! No doubts! No anxiety! No worries! No insecurities! No hesitation! No procrastination! No gossip! No jealousy! No criticism! No confusion! No jealousy! No hate! No argument! No discord! No poverty! No failure!  No depression! No self-pity! No inaction! No illness! No pain! No hurt! No heartache! No abandonment! No neglect! No loss! No dis-ease whatsoever! (If I haven’t named your particular S.H.I.T. just put a No! in front of it!)

As your thoughts change, your emotions change and your experiences change. Try using affirmations and denials to grow through your S.H.I.T. and let me know how it goes. Do also check out my video Tools for Growing Through S.H.I.T. I’ll be back soon with more about putting the light of spiritual understanding on your S.H.I.T.

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Shawna Marie is an ordained minister and psychotherapist who provides inspiration, education and healing at HealingTruthCenter.com.

(c) Copyright 2010 Healing Truth Center LLC. All rights reserved.


2 Responses to “Happy Father’s Day & Tools for S.H.I.T.”

  1. I have been following from time to time and more and more of late!!!!!! Damon is now going back into ur archives…
    peace and gratefulness

    • Hi Damon! So great to hear from you! Of course I remember meeting you at Sisters Uptown. You have a wonderfully inspiring vibe. Thanks for checking out my blog. Hope to see and hear from you again soon. Best…

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