Ground Zero


This is Shawna Marie reporting live from Ground Zero. Oh yes, I felt this one coming for a while. Here and there I would see the signs, hear the rumblings and then BOOM! The most expansive emotional explosion of my entire life finally erupted in full force!!!

As I surveyed the landscape, seeking and searching under the debris, exploring thousands of miles of unresolved unexpressed emotions and circumstances over the course of my life… I am happy to report that I have found Ground Zero! As I stand at this critical pivotal place, my personal ground zero, I feel so free! I FEEL SO GOOD!

It is ALL out! I no longer have to hold or carry the emotional imprints and residue of all that has ever happened up till this moment. There is no shame. There is no more sadness, not even a little bit! No anger. No rage. No resentment. No regrets. No pain. No guilt. And no hurt whatsoever. It is really ALL gone.

As I breath in this moment I can truly say that I owe no one anything but love, and it just so happens that right now I only feel and breath love. Love is all that I have to give. This moment, this deep complete expansive pure love that I feel… PRICELESS! In that regard EVERYTHING that has happened up until this moment, this so very sacred moment of complete emotional freedom was worth it. NOW I am ready to soar! Can ya feel me?

The scriptures speak of “dying daily” to purge oneself of that which must indeed leave our experience. “I lay down my life that I might take it again,” said Jesus. Through change we lay down our lives as we knew them, to take them up again, new life, new experience… and it is good. VERY GOOD!

Whatever you have experienced in your life and whatever unexpressed emotions may be mucking up your operating system… invest in your emotional freedom. Go on in dear hearts. Go on in to your personal Ground Zero so you may truly rise, take flight and soar!

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Shawna Marie is an ordained minister and psychotherapist who provides inspiration, education and healing at

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