Can you afford a negative thought about money?


I know that I surely cannot afford another negative thought about money. Maybe two years ago when my accounts were flush I could have held on to some negative thoughts, but not now. It’s all good though. In fact it’s all for the best. I have been meaning to tighten up my thought life and get on track for complete financial freedom anyway.

Apparently all thoughts really do initiate a creative process with a corresponding physical expression. That’d be my thoughts, your thoughts and EVERYONE else’s thoughts, too. At first blush (in my early studies of spiritual principles) this concept had me living in my head a little too much and a tad anxious. I was policing every single thought that I had! “Oops, cancel that! Nope, don’t want to think that!  Gotta stop thinking this.  SHAWNA MARIE how come you’re thinking… That’s a negative thought! Stop it! You know better! Knock it off!” I guess I was afraid that literally every single thought would take form and come back to me or someone else with a vengeance. Saying things out loud became a little scary too. I had to be careful so as not to “speak into existence” what I was thinking. In my defense I did have someone who was teaching me in this manner and plenty of books that taught exactly the same thing, so praise the Higher Powers for Good that I saw my way clear of that nonsense!

Our thoughts are indeed creative. They are also expressive. Part of our spiritual growth process is to continually and increasingly understand our thought life, developing our wisdom and balancing facts with truth. The facts may be that money is tight or completely gone, you are unemployed and business has been remarkably slow. However, the Truth is that there is always a Presence and Power for Good operating in the universe flush with ideas, blessings and opportunities for your greater good and for the good of all. For the purpose of expressing yourself and understanding your thoughts, you will have ideas of and about your circumstances. You will have ideas about what you are experiencing or have experienced in life and speak about them. And you most certainly have ideas about money.

The opportunity in the current economic climate is to unfold and understand your thoughts about money. If there are thoughts that correspond with the lack of money… well, you may want to delve deep into how those thoughts came about and whether or not you want to continue to think that way about money. Right about now can you afford a negative thought about money? If so, rock on! If not, remix! Challenge your idea sets about money and prosperity! Do it now! Prosperity NOW!

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