Passwords to unlock your fears…


My Facebook friends already know that I woke up this morning to these words: God is working! This is one of my “passwords” through the doors that appear closed ever so tightly by the sets of ideas that feed and serve as the foundation for my various fears (See Remix & Live Through Your Fears.) Somehow these words bust those doors wide open in my mind instantly supplanting any fear-thought philosophies that may be operating.

I’m confused. God is working!

What’s happening? God is working!

But I’m worried about… God is working!

I don’t know what to do! God is working!

Can I do this? God is working!

I’m scared! God is working!

I may not make it… God is working!

What if I fail? God is working!

I don’t have any money… God is working!

He/She/It… God is working!

My child/partner/business… God is working!

What will people say? God is working!

Why does…? God is working!

But what if…? God is working!

I’m afraid that…. God is working!

For some people “Yes I can” is enough to get them to walk through their fears. If I am really afraid though, I usually have to take it up a notch to a Higher Power with God Can! God is working! God did NOT give me a spirit of fear! I AM THAT I AM AND I HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR!  I AM THE OPEN DOOR THAT NO MAN CAN SHUT! Once the doors are open in my mind, I am open to receive the Divine Guidance and Inspiration to take wise action to move forward beyond the fear-thought sets that previously held dominion and held me in bondage.

How about you? What are the “passwords” that unlock the doors of your fears?

P.S. Check out “Courage to Conquer Fear“  on my BlogTalkRadio Show with author Reverend Gregory C. Guice and his book Courage to Conquer Fear, too, for additional support around living through your fears.

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