Remix And Live Through Your Fears


At the root of every fear is a thought or set of ideas of which we are afraid. While it is normal to have fears, there is the risk that we may have fears operating that will bring about the very experiences of which we are afraid. That said, it is worth while to uncover the fears that we may have so we are better able to consciously live through them.

1. Admit that you have fears. Everyone has fears. This is normal. It is normal to have an emotional response to a perceived threat. Fear also serves the purpose of being a basic survival mechanism when there is pain or an actual threat of danger. In this way fears can help us avoid situations that can harm us. Some fears may be debilitating and prevent one from living life.  Other fears may be more subtle and “operate in the background” unbeknown to us. So first and foremost know that you have some fears naturally, some that you may not be aware of, and the potential for fears that can prevent your evolutionary process of forward motion.

2. Identify your fears. In order to address and consciously live through your fears you will need to know what exactly it is that you fear. This can be as simple as making a list. Consider these questions. What do I fear? Whom do I fear? What are the types of things (big and small) that I am afraid of? What circumstances really rattle me? Am I afraid of getting old? dying? criticism? judgement or the opinions of others? getting hurt mentally, physically or emotionally? failing health? loss of love, support, resources, or possessions? poverty? lack? that my deepest desires and wishes will never be fulfilled? failure? success? these or other things for my partner/lover, child(ren), family or friends?

3. Praise yourself! Whatever you find on your list do not judge or condemn yourself! There is nothing good that can come of beating yourself up about what you uncover. There is however plenty of good that can come of loving and praising yourself for the effort you have made to uncover and understand your fears. There is also plenty more good to come now that you know what you are working with in your thought life that can be transformed as well as utilized to unfold your deepest desires and dreams.

4. Analyze your fears. Now it is time to get to work by analyzing how well these idea sets of fear serve you. If there are fears on your list that you feel serve you, these are the one you are going to leave as is. If there are fears that you are leaving as is, be sure that you have a conception of the tangible beneficial results that can come of these fears. For example if you are afraid of fire and are careful when using fire, have successfully avoided accidents with fire… this is a keeper. If you only use the microwave, avoid matches and other flames, and have increased heart rate, sweaty palms and start breathing fast at the sight of a flame… Houston we have a problem! (Forgive me, I had to add that in. LOL) Seriously though, take your time in considering how your fears are playing out. Praise what is good and identify where changes are needed.

5. Remix &  Live Through Your Fears! Surely you have identified some fears that have to go or change.  This is great! Now you can remix them them by challenging the idea sets that are at their root. Let’s say that you identify a fear that you will never be able to live up to your dreams in a particular field of achievement. If you take the time to consider it you may realize that this very fear is what prevents you from putting forth your best efforts to bring this dream to life and that’s just not gonna work! This is how you start to remix this fear, but keep in mind that you will have to work at this one on a continual basis with a check-in process such as regularly asking yourself “Are fears of success showing up for me today?” Whenever the answer is “yes” it will serve you well to remember, “While it is normal to have fears, it doesn’t serve me to have fears that prevent me living my fullest potential and dreams.” Then, make the choice to proceed by putting forth your best efforts despite the fear.

Know that you are worth the effort and the world deserves ALL of you, despite your fears. You deserve to be all that you can, to receive all that you seek and to continually express all of the glorious radiant diamond shining light of God/Good/Love that you are. With or without fear, shine brightly!

P.S. Check out “Courage to Conquer Fear”  on my BlogTalkRadio Show with author Reverend Gregory C. Guice and his book Courage to Conquer Fear, too, for additional support around living through your fears.

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Shawna Marie is an ordained minister and psychotherapist who provides inspiration,   education and healing at

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2 Responses to “Remix And Live Through Your Fears”

  1. Thank you for this post Shawna. I think many of us are afraid to admit that we harbor fears. We wear masks that hide those fears. Your post lets me know that it’s okay to take down the mask and deal head on with my fears. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate that you felt comfortable enough to share your process on the blog. I too have been gaining comfort in unmasking my fears. I also suspect that you and I are not alone in this process, and by sharing, we model the courage that is necessary to live through fears. Onwards and upwards! Much love and blessings, Shawna Marie

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