The most purifying power of Divine Love: The Violet Flame


Violet Flame

Have you heard of the Violet Flame? Better yet, would you like to learn about a means to purify your energies as well as transform your thoughts and emotions? What about “burning off” all forms of negativity from your experience? Then you will want to read further.

I was first introduced to the Violet Flame in the book “Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind & Soul” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet who initially learned about it during her days as a student in the  “I AM” Activity.  Prophet does an excellent job introducing the use and benefits of the Violet Flame to purify one’s energies, thoughts, emotions and physical body as well as for healing the planet overall. In fact, I highly recommend this book as a means to get acquainted with the basic teachings on the Violet Flame.

While I do not know if everything that I have read about the Violet Flame is “true,” I do know that in using the Violet Flame over the last ten years I have experienced tremendous healing in my mind, body and soul. From my initial exposure via Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Summit Lighthouse to the more in-depth teachings of the “I AM” Activity and Saint Germain Foundation, I have grown into an understanding of the Violet Flame as the most purifying power of Divine Love in the Universe. Let me say that once again, because the foundation of the teachings is that The Violet Flame is the most purifying power of Divine Love in the Universe and that Beloved Ones is powerful.  If “it is done unto you as you believe,” and you believe in the purifying power of Divine Love, perhaps the Violet Flame may be of use to you in your meditation and prayers.

The basic decree (command made in the name of the “I AM” Presence for the will of God/Good for all) is “I AM a being of Violet Fire, I AM the purity God desires.” Say this silently or aloud in multiples of three (i.e. 3, 6, 9…36… 108) with your eyes closed while visualizing yourself in the center of the flame pictured above. Some folks (myself included) get a real boost out of dedicating a set period of time (i.e. 5, 10, or 30 minutes) to repeat this decree as a mantra. Whether you count out a set number of decrees or simply decree for a set period of time, it can be just that easy to tune in to the most purifying power of Divine Love in the Universe. Nice, right? To fully unfold the experience it would serve you well to undertake this practice on a daily basis for at least one week.

For instant access to more information you can check out these links:  Violet Consuming Flame and The Violet Flame: The Alchemist’s Dream. If you are inspired to actually learn about the teachings on the Violet Flame, Saint Germain Press has seven booklets that unfold the teachings called “Violet Flame Series” as well as two pocket size booklets full of decrees, the “I AM” Decrees for Violet Consuming Flame Part III” and “I AM” Decrees for Violet Consuming Flame Part IV that are great.

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