What is your Greatest Picture of Success?


The same way that we have to put a destination in our GPS in order to get turn-by-turn directions, clarifying our “Greatest Picture of Success” or “visioning” allows us a clear sense of direction for the day-to-day, monthly and yearly steps we must take to get there. Without a destination in mind we operate without any particular end goal and are likely to meet ourselves at some point with the question, “Where am I really going anyway?” Trust me when I say that anyone who has made significant achievements in their lives had a vision. Whether or not that is the vision that ultimately played out is another story, but there was surely a conception of what success would look like for them. Hence they had a direction to focus their steps.

I encourage you to think about the greatest vision you can conceive for yourself in this lifetime. Imagine that no one is looking so there is no judgement. Also, start with the framework that “all things are possible.” This means you can set aside whether or not the ideas that come forth are achievable, realistic, time sensitive or measurable. That’s not of concern when you are “visioning.” Consider what the highest level of achievement could look like for you. What are you doing? What does this highest level of success look like? Are you a business owner? Are you in public office? Are you an artist, actor, author, musician, comedian, public speaker… what? Are you enjoying a mutually loving soul mate relationship? Are you happily married with a loving family life? Do you have the financial freedom to do anything that you can conceive? Are you completely free from health challenges? Are you at peace mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

Once you have clarity around your vision of success you can begin the process of living and achieving towards its fulfillment. Okay ladies and gentlemen, set your G.P.S. (Greatest Picture of Success!)

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Shawna Marie is an ordained minister and psychotherapist who provides inspiration, education and healing at HealingTruthCenter.com.

(c) Copyright 2010 Healing Truth Center LLC. All rights reserved.

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