June Flowers of Success


As I shared in Everyday A “Me” Day I have begun to really tune in to the idea of living each day as if it were a lifetime. That means that every single day is new and special. I can reset everyday and so can you. That said, today is the very first day of a new month: June. There are so many wonderful aspects of this day to tune in to and highlight, most notably is the vibration of success.

Here’s where my love of numerology kicks in! 🙂

June is the sixth month of the calendar year. Without going into too much details about numerology I will simply say that the number six carries with it the vibration of success. Nice, right? Simply put June = Success. Because I was taught (and actually do believe these words of scripture) that “it is done unto you as you believe…” I see absolutely no harm in believing that the month of June has the potential to unfold GREAT success for me and for everyone who chooses to believe it! Plus if you believe in the Law of Attraction you know that thoughts of success attract experiences of success!

This morning as I plant the seed idea that June = Success in my consciousness and now in yours, I encourage you to consider the forms of success you are ready to experience in this lifetime of today, this month and the remainder of this year. May the seed ideas of success that you plant today bring forth wonderful June Flowers of Success today, every day this month and beyond. Feel free to share if you are so inspired. More importantly, know that all things are possible for you and for the world if you dare to believe, set expectations and take action every day towards their fulfillment. As success writer W. Clement Stone would say “Do it now!”

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Shawna Marie is an ordained minister and psychotherapist who provides inspiration, education and healing at HealingTruthCenter.com.

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