Memorial Day Prayer


Acts of service take many forms, including the path of souls in military/protective service. In essence it is a vocation or “Divine Calling” to serve humanity. As we celebrate the tremendous contributions of service men and women on this Memorial Day, may we also remember and pray for the Divine Plan/greater good of all to enjoy peace, freedom and harmony.

May peace be in our hearts, the Infinite peace that radiates from the depths of our souls.

May we choose acts of kindness as the hallmark of our every experience.

May the Light and Love of God flood every aspect of our being and the entire world.

Thus peace, love, light and good shall serve as the dominant vibrations in the universe and all can truly be well.

May wars and discord cease, for once and for all.

May life freely exist in all parts of the world to its fullest potential in every soul, space and nation.

May the world be free of  judgement, greed, hatred, argument and domination;
For we know healthy tolerance can reign among souls and societies breeding true harmony.

And daily shall our hearts decree “Peace on earth, good will to each and to ALL in every generation.”


I thank you for joining in prayer.
Shawna Marie

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Shawna Marie is an ordained minister and psychotherapist who provides inspiration, education and healing at

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