In the Spirit of Love


“It takes two to make a gift; one to give, the other to receive.”
-Fannie B. James

The Prosperity NOW! Affirmation of the Day is “I know that I AM worthy of an abundance of love in my life!” And for those of you who follow along with the affirmations each day on facebook you know that we started affirming love back on Saturday with Love is the LAW of my life!”

Many of you already know that whatever it is that we do believe, becomes a law unto our lives.  Our unconscious and conscious beliefs show up in our experiences (i.e. Law of Attraction.) So the affirmations about love in Prosperity NOW! help embed our thought-life with positive ideas about love. This practice also serves to cultivate experiences that correspond with our thought vibrations about love.

One idea is that we can live in a spirit of love. Another idea is that love is a gift that includes giving and receiving as we are taught in the Bible where it says “It is as good to give as to receive” and “as you give so shall you receive.” Plus if love is a gift, we would want to keep in mind that “It takes two to make a gift; one to give, the other to receive,” as written by spiritual teacher and Divine Science Minister Fannie B. James in Truth and Health.

Please enjoy these Prosperity NOW! affirmations about love. I pray that you live this day in the spirit of giving and  receiving… in the spirit of love.

Love is the LAW of my life!

I give and receive more and more love every day to myself and to others!

I absolutely and completely love myself and EVERYTHING about me!

I love and cherish the wonderful Divine Presence that I AM!

How I love, cherish and treat myself serves as a living guide
for how others are to love, cherish and treat me,
and for how I love, cherish and treat others too!

Freely I give love and freely I receive love in
truly wonderful abundant and Divine Ways!

I know that I AM worthy of an abundance of love in my life!

I deserve a lifetime full of love and appreciation!

Loving me is loving the glorious radiant
diamond shining Light of God that I AM!

With Love as with God, ALL things are possible!

Also check out Love is The Answer, a post I wrote in February.

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