More than the Law of Attraction


What other people say and do says 100% about them and 0% about you.
What you say and do says 100% about you.

People all over the world are buzzing about the now famous “Law of Attraction.” Everyone seems to now get this longstanding spiritual teaching that your dominant thoughts and feelings serve to attract experiences that correspond. And that my friends is great. But let’s not make the mistake of believing that we are the sole cause of our every experience. For one, as I mentioned yesterday in The Art of Living, we simply do not have the entire planet to ourselves. We are not operating in a vacuum. Besides, the early philosophers (Emma Curtis Hopkins, Emmet Fox, Thomas Troward, Charles Filmore, Malinda Cramer and numerous others) who began teaching this principle in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s certainly did not teach it as the absolute and only cause for experiences.

It is fairly common for someone to call me in distress feeling horrible and confused about what someone else has said or done to them. They are concerned and beating themselves up because “Somehow I attracted this to me.” And I’m just saying, the concept of correspondence/attraction of experiences is not some magical absolute law that operates in a vacuum. There is more, so much more at play in how and why experiences unfold in our lives the way they do. One of my commitments with this blog is to share the “more” that is out there in the way of spiritual and psychological principles.  For now I will simply say, please remember that what other people say and do is usually much more about them, than you. What you say and do, well, that is about you.

“More” to come…

And please feel free to share your thoughts….

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2 Responses to “More than the Law of Attraction”

  1. Gina Says:

    Rev. ShawnaMarie,
    It is so unfortunate that people get so upset about what people say about them and instead of truly I believe once people understand the true meaning of themselves and not allow anyone to lead them to believing who they really are. If someone calls you a “B****” does that mean you have to act like one. believe otherwise, we would be a more confident society. I can only speak from personal experiences. I was told and BELIEVE that I was ugly, dumb and all the negative things people said to me because I wasn’t confident in myself. Until the faithfully day GOD spoke to my heart and said he is the only judge and I am beautiful, smart and nothing or no one can ever take that away…..

    • Bless you Beloved Gina for sharing your story of realization and healing. You are absolutely right, you are so very beautiful and smart, and there is no one who can ever take that away from you. I too believed the words of another who repeatedly told me that I was ugly as a child. The words seemed to act as a spell on my consciousness, even though I was receiving new messages about being beautiful. It was not until I was able to uncover the roots of my insecurities and feelings of inadequacies that were actually based upon the words of that person, who I believed as a child, that the healing could begin. Praise God for our healing!!! Love you, Shawna Marie

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