The Art of Living


It seems to me that our greatest achievements over the course of our lives will be the results of how well we have mastered the art of living. I was on the phone with my Uncle OJ last night discussing my thoughts about life.  (That’s Oswald “OJ” Dwyer, not OJ Simpson of course.) I had shared with him my idea that if we are not doing what we truly enjoy doing each day (even if just for a few moments), that perhaps we are not fully living. Besides, don’t we owe it to ourselves and to the world to express 100% of who and what we are? And to do everything in our power to understand life, make our best choices and literally go “all out” for the absolute best in every aspect of our lives?

Sure, this is a tall order that may very well take an entire lifetime to master. We have to learn about and understand ourselves. (That is certainly a full-time job.) We have bodies, minds, emotions and a spiritual/Divine essence to understand, nurture and express. Then there is learning about and relating to others, because we just didn’t get the whole planet to ourselves. (Could you believe?) There has to be something for us to do all day, hence we must unfold our life path across the various jobs, careers and businesses that comprise the evolution of our vocation, which is defined in Websters as one’s “Divine Calling.”

We live in a world that operates with money as the primary means of exchange; therefore, we have to understand, have and circulate money to be viable in the world economy. And whether your perspective is one of science, religion, spirituality, existentialism or undetermined… whatever it is you do believe about life is operating in the background of your subconscious mind, molding and unfolding the circumstances of your life. Now that HAS to be worth time and energy to continually uncover. Right?

So dear hearts are you enjoying this journey called life? I sure am. Even with all of the ups and downs, back and forth, joy and pain, seeming losses and abundant gains… I am getter better, day by day, in the art of living.

Shawna Marie is an ordained minister and psychotherapist who provides inspiration, education and healing at

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8 Responses to “The Art of Living”

  1. Denise Says:

    Hi Shawna,

    Thanks for this wonderful message. I am on a new journey in my life and I am enjoying every moment! Mastering the “art of living” is truly powerful.


    • Hello Beloved Denise,
      Thank you for posting. I am grateful for your comment and will do my absolute best to keep the “powerful” inspiration coming. 😉
      Much love and blessings,
      Shawna Marie

  2. Richard Chen Says:

    I believe as I age (I’m 59 years old now) that mor and more I believe that we must try to experience all that life has to offer us, and to make sure that we live each day to our fullest. That is not just talk, but we must take action to reach that lofty goal. Most people, for example, don’t realize that after subtracting the normal 8 hours of sleep from a day of 24 hours, they spend most of their time awake other than for going to the bathroom and taking meals, which usually take another 2-3 hours a day easily, leaving us about 13-14 hours a day, at their jobs (including commuting time). So, if you are not entirely happy with your career/job, then you are wasting your time in this world, and you should try to change your life to chase your dream if it is practical. Of course, if you cannot make enouh money to survive by doing that, it would not be a good result, since you will then be miserable anyway with no way of knowing where your next meal will come from and where you can get shelter for the night. That would make you miserable, for sure, and stressed out. So, barring that, you should do what makes you passionate in doing. By the way, usually if you are passionate in doing what you love to do, you would excel at it and you should be able to make a living at it, unless if you, as you mentioned, don’t know yourself well, and are lying to yourself by telling yourself that you are good at something you are not really good at, then you will fail.

    So again, if you are one who knows yourself well, and are honest with yourself, then you should devote your life to do what motivates you, to do what you are passionate about, and enjoy life to its utmost. You will then be considered a “succesful human being”. Good luck!!!

    • Greetings Beloved Richard. You my dear have shared some truly powerful words of wisdom. Bless you for taking the time to impart the wisdom you have uncovered in your life experiences. I am indeed inspired by all that you have said, especially your encouragement to “devote your life to doing what motivates you, what you are passionate about, and enjoy life to its utmost.” Amen to that! 🙂

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  4. Toni Says:


    Thanks again for your wonderful thoughts and words of wisdom. If only more people realize how much we contribute to our thoughts and circumstances. I know it but must remind myself regularly. Thanks for your “Healing Truths ”
    Love you much,

    • Hi Beloved Toni, It is great to hear from you! I do appreciate your words about how much we contribute to our thoughts and circumstances. I, too, must remind myself regularly. Much love and blessings to you my dear, Shawna Marie

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